Pregnant Woman Who Eats Only Fruit Will Feed Baby Same Diet

23-year-old fruitarian, Anne Jensen, is planning to feed her baby the same diet she follows. Throughout her pregnancy, Jensen has been sticking with her exclusively raw fruits and vegetables diet, and this got nutritionists worried. Even though she believes it’s best for her health, it can’t be certain that it’s the same case for her baby.

Jensen originally changed her diet when she was 12 to fit into a group of friends. They were mostly vegetarian, so she ditched meat. As she got older, she began to become more knowledgeable about animal rights and the ethics of the meat industry, so she stuck with her diet. When she turned 19, she began to develop strange health problems: muscle shakes, hair loss, and constant fatigue. She tried a fruitarian diet to heal herself, and she claims she has never felt healthier and her symptoms disappeared.

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Every day, Jensen would only eat raw fruits and vegetables. When she and her boyfriend learned they were expecting a child, she continued this diet. She admitted, however, that she would occasionally have a cooked vegan meal to help with the nausea. For the most part, she is sticking with her diet, and she plans to continue with it indefinitely.

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Nutritionists and dieticians are concerned for her baby’s health. While it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables, they highlight that it’s important to have a balanced diet containing a variety of foods in order to give the baby the best possible nutrition. Jensen’s current diet is probably lacking in fat and protein, so nutritionists urge her and other fruitarian expecting moms to add lots of nuts, seeds, legumes, and pulses to their diet. However, even with this addition, they may still struggle to achieve adequate levels of protein that developing children need.

When her child enters the world, Jensen also plans to feed them a fruitarian diet. While she has stated that she will see what’s best for her child, she wants her baby to also exclusively eat raw fruits and vegetables. This also concerns many child health experts, as children need a variety of vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Even though a fruitarian diet worked best for her, imposing a strict diet on a growing child may not be the best for their health in the long run.

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