Pregnant Houston News Reporter Tells Fat-Shaming Viewers To 'Chill'


When it comes to pregnancy, every woman has their own personal journey. Recently, we reported on how Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix shared a heartfelt essay about her unpredictable experiences with motherhood. Felix is certainly not alone, and mother’s all over the world have undoubtedly had unexpected encounters throughout their pregnancy experiences. However, some of these instances have been less than friendly, with some mamas-to-be receiving some seriously tactless comments in regards to weight gain.

As first reported by People, news reporter Erica Simon has delivered with a clever clapback that’s bound to cause a big buzz with other moms out there. Simon works as a news anchor for ABC 13 in Houston, Texas. Over the past few weeks, Erica had received more than her fair share of comments from viewers about her increase in weight.

Simons, who looks like she took a leaf out of Mary Poppins' book—looks practically perfect in every way, and should not have to deal with this type of negativity. In fact, Erica turned to Twitter to pen the perfect clap back in response, saying that viewer comments were “annoying” and that she’s “aware” of being petite, so packing on the pounds may be shocking to some. However, Simons made it clear that she’s not having twins anytime soon, and she’s certainly not due in the near future. Making things impeccably clear, Erica wrote, “I’ll update you as I go, but chill.”


In response, Simon received a ton of social support from fans and other reporters across the nation. Words of positive encouragement started to roll in, including other anchors from different stations. Lina de Florias, of Fox26 in Houston, Texas, wrote a heartfelt tweet to Erica in response to her naysayers. Florias, who wrote a scathingly hilarious note, told the world, “Come on, Erica. It’s not like you’re creating a life here..oh wait, THAT IS WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Sorry, sister. You’re amazing and your little one is lucky to have you! (Even though you’re the first woman to physically change during pregnancy)”. Fat-shaming is wrong, no matter if you’re pregnant or not, and we hope the world takes notice of the horrible repercussions from this ugly trend.

Since her initial tweet, Erica has returned to social media and has revealed to fans that she actually wasn't too upset about the comments. However, Simons wanted everyone to know that she just wanted to speak out because she has been enjoying her journey so far. As a first time mom, she wanted to share that she's learned so much throughout the experience, and she's just going to keep on moving forward. In another tweet, Erica wrote, "A child is a blessing from God. No need to ever feel shame! Ignore tactless people. My support outweighs the knuckleheads.”

Have you experienced any fat-shaming from your pregnancy? Let us know in the comments!

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