Pregnant Jamie Otis Reveals She Wants To Adopt In The Future

Exciting news just keeps on coming from Married At First Sight couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner!

Back in September, Jamie posted to Instagram announcing her newest pregnancy. Since then, she has explained to reporters that she had “back to back” miscarriages and when the couple visited a fertility specialist,  they found out they were pregnant again. This baby is due in May 2020. The couple has a two-year-old daughter, Henley, and they’re not stopping after two. Jamie said that she would like to have at least four children.

In her most recent interview with US Weekly, Jamie shared that she and Doug want a big family. She hopes their kids will “always [have] each other” and that she will “have people at the Thanksgiving table, every single year guaranteed.” Jamie continued on to explain that the couple would like to adopt, as well. She told reporters that she “was supposed to be adopted out” due to her mother’s substance abuse. Ever since she and her siblings came close to being put in foster care, Jamie has opened her heart to children in the system.

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However, while baby Henher is still growing in the womb, no plans for adoption are set in stone just yet. Right now, Jamie is focusing more on transitioning from one child to two. She worries about making sure that “both feel special and loved”. A lot of mothers can relate to this, and many have said that the transition from one to two children is the hardest because you are literally doubling your work as a mother.

Thankfully, Jamie has full love and support from her husband and they will “figure it out” together. The Bachelor alum has also innocently joked about baby no. 3. She stated, “We used to work on making a baby at night. Now he’s on his phone and I’m on mine. We need to get back to making a baby while No. 2 is brewing.” It’s pretty fair to say that they can wait to meet this little one before thinking of the next.

According to Jamie’s Instagram, baby Henher is the size of an apple and the couple will found out the gender very soon! In the caption, Jamie noted that in her previous pregnancies, they were not far along enough to find out the genders. They are very excited that this baby is growing and Jamie feels that this one “is going to stick”.

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