Pregnant Jessica Simpson Spends A Week In The Hospital Fighting Bronchitis

Jessica Simpson spent a week in the hospital after being diagnosed with Bronchitis.


Jessica Simpson has not been shy about sharing her difficult time throughout this pregnancy. She first shared with her fans about how she was dealing with really intense bloating in her feet. She showed her Instagram followers how her foot was really swollen and she was very concerned. Many people commented about advice and some women explained to her that she could possibly have preclampsia, because swelling is a huge sign of preclampsia. The next thing that she shared with her fans was that she was dealing with really bad acid reflex and she couldn't even sleep laying down because it has been getting so bad. Jessica Simpson also shared an experience of when she sat down on the toilet seat and she broke the back of the bowl.  Poor Jessica has been going through a lot of trials through this pregnancy and it appears that it's not stopping.

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Simpson was just released from the hospital after spending a week in the hospital. This is the fourth time that she has been hospitalized and this time was due to her being diagnosed with Bronchitis.

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Simpson said that she was dealing a lot with coughing and it has been really uncomfortable being in so much pain while being 38 weeks pregnant. She says that coughing so violently with her baby girl has been a painful journey, but she is starting to feel better every single day. Simpson shared that her daughter is doing great and she is perfectly healthy. Jessica is very excited to be able to meet her sweet little baby girl soon. She was saying how she can't wait to be able to see her little smile and that this whole pregnancy will be totally worth seeing her healthy.

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After sharing with her fans about her stay in the hospital she went on to explain about her experience with sciatica as well.  She said that it is really painful and it's making it very difficult to do most movements. Sciatic pain is when the sciatic nerve is pinched and can cause pain in hips, crotch and back. Due to the extra weight gain in pregnancy, sciatic pain is very common in pregnancy and typically will relieve itself once the baby is born.


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