Pregnant Meghan Markle Adjusts Schedule On Royal Tour

The Duchess of Sussex surprised the world by announcing her pregnancy on the eve of her and her new husbands' big Australian tour. Though the timing has been questioned by some, it brought the world some serious joy. In totally relatable fashion, Meghan Markle downgraded her tour appearances and schedule as a result of her pregnancy.

The news of the impending bundle of joy did bring some concern for pregnant Meghan as she traveled abroad. The hectic royal schedule is a lot for anyone, let alone a woman experiencing her first trimester. Just a few days into their royal tour, it was announced that Meghan would be forgoing a few appearances to rest. Because as we all know, growing a baby is exhausting.

People reported on the newly revised cut back schedule last week. Prince Harry graciously continued on without his expectant wife just like any good husband should. He attended an award ceremony for the Invictus Games solo to hand out medals. Though she didn't attend, Meghan still continued on later that day and continued with her tour.

We're assuming jet lag and those fun first-trimester pregnancy symptoms are to blame for a reduction in her appearances. And we totally get it! The couple did have 76 appearances to squeeze into their just over 16-day tour and that could also be playing a role in the Duchess' need for rest.

The baby is due in the spring and the anticipation is buzzing. This will be the first child for both Harry and Meghan and he or she will be welcomed less than a year after their much talked about Royal wedding.

Harry and Meghan will be finishing up their royal tour this week. They've proven themselves to be the new generation of Royals by breaking official protocols by holding hands, hugging fans, and taking pictures. Meghan even spent some of her tour duties giving a speech on the importance of feminism and equality. These two are a breath of fresh air from the notoriously stuffy British Royals.

Their child will be seventh in line for the British royal throne. Just like dad, this baby will not be in charge of the monarchy one day but will be very much so welcomed by it. We hope that Meghan has an easy pregnancy and finds the time to rest.

How tired were you when you were pregnant? Do you think you've could've kept up with 76 appearances? Let us know in the comments!


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