Pregnant Model Belle Lucia Has Instagram Followers Confused With Non-Existent Baby Bump

This Instagram model’s baby bump is so small that some of her critics are having a hard time believing that she’s even pregnant. As a matter of fact, a model by the name of Belle Lucia is making headlines for sharing a recent snap of her supposed six-month pregnant baby bump. And while sharing photos of baby bumps seems to be the norm on social media, a lot of Belle Lucia’s followers are having a hard time seeing it to believe it.

According to Fox News, Belle Lucia, who is from Sydney, Australia, has been making waves after she shared a photo of herself in a two-piece bathing suit this past week. The 24-year-old mother-to-be captioned the pic with, “Beach and bump,” and also stated that she was 23 weeks pregnant with a six month bump.

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Unfortunately, a lot of her critics lashed out at Belle Lucia for either not telling the truth about her pregnancy timeline or for not gaining enough weight for her baby. Some of the harsh comments included, “So SAD when you’re own personal vanity keeps you from gaining weight to have a healthy baby,” along with, “Pregnant?? I’m 25 weeks pregnant and my tummy is going to explode!!”

If that weren’t enough, some people have even suggested that the model might have hired a surrogate to carry her baby while she is supposedly “faking” her pregnancy on social media.

So far Belle Lucia herself has not made any comments about the criticism although at this point it’s doubtful that she will. However, she did point out that every woman carries their pregnancy in many different ways, adding that body shaming is not okay, no matter how big or small a person might be. Instead, the model, who is half Portuguese and half German, said that when she found out that she was first pregnant, all she wanted to do was swim. Unfortunately, that’s a little hard for her to do these days, especially since she lives in London.


Belle Lucia said, “Just slightly difficult living in London as I can’t quickly jump into the ocean like I did back in Australia.”

Despite all of her baby bump photos, many of her followers are still baffled over how she could be pregnant with such a toned stomach. This isn’t the first time she has stirred a debate online. Belle Lucia says that she was forced to delete her ultrasound photo from her Instagram account after some of her followers posted comments that were either creepy or rude.

So far Belle Lucia has not revealed her due date.

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