10 Handbag Essentials For Pregnant Moms

Pregnant Handbag Essentials

An expectant mom can have all the pregnancy books out there. Still, nothing can prepare one for the actual experience of being pregnant. There are so many factors that remain unconsidered by the newly expectant mom. For example, it is a surprise to most how many tissues one needs, or how one’s skin does all kinds of unflattering things (after that blissful ‘glowing’ period of pregnancy).

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If you are prepared, however, you will weather the pregnancy storms and come out with both experience and stories of how you not only survived but thrived during your nine months. Here are 10 essential items every pregnant mom should have in her handbag:

10 Tissues

This one cannot be overstated. While one is pregnant, one finds a million uses for tissues. Your nose will run as it has never run before.

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You might be teary-eyed more often than not. You will need to use the bathroom – like all the time. Hence the need for tissues on hand and what better way to achieve this than through keeping them in your handbag. Tissues are a handbag must-have.

9 A cover stick

Pregnant women’s skin does all kinds of interesting things. It takes a pregnant woman to truly understand what ‘combination skin’ means.

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You might have thought your teen blemish years were through, however, when you are expecting, you will find your skin breaking out and needing foundation. A good cover stick will help you to feel just that much prettier – even when you are in your most whale-like stages.

8 A snack

For those moments when you feel weak and wobbly, a snack will do wonders for you. There is something about peanut butter, which is very attractive to pregnant women, so why not stock up on peanut butter health bars or keep a packet of peanuts handy?

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Or how about an apple or fruit? It has been said, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," and it might be just what you need to pick yourself up during a busy day.

7 Ginger

Ginger does wonders in calming those pregnancy nausea waves. The flavor is one of the most palatable flavors available to a pregnant woman. For expecting moms who are pregnant for the first time, the vileness of most flavors will probably come as a surprise.

It will also come as a surprise how beautifully ginger calms nausea and how its flavor sits surprisingly well in a shifty stomach. Keep some ginger sweets or a sachet of ginger tea handy in your handbag – just in case.

6 Lipstick

Just because you feel big and unlovely doesn’t mean you aren’t the beautiful creature you were before you became pregnant. Keep your favorite shade of lipstick handy to pull out and put on if needs be.

Lipstick is a wonderful cosmetic that is able to transform an appearance very quickly, with little effort – and little effort in transformation is what pregnancy is all about. You’re so tired as it is, you will want something that is able to beautify you in a minute within reach.

5 Wet wipes

When you are pregnant, it’s all about sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. Those greasy, grimy surfaces, your less than clean hands, that fingerprint-covered mug handle… you are going to want to sanitize them.

Even if it makes no sense to everyone else, it will make sense to you, as a pregnant woman. Wet wipes come in different size packaging, suitable for any size handbag. They also come in odorless varieties if you can’t handle strong scents during the earlier stages of pregnancy.

4 A diary

Pregnancy brain affects even the most diligent, studious of moms. You might find yourself forgetting even the ordinary and mundane things, like what to do next.

In which case, it will be helpful to have a diary that helps you to keep on top of your schedule. Foggy brain is normal for expectant mothers, so welcome the services of a faithful diary and keep your pregnant life looking reasonably organized.

3 A bottle of water

Keeping hydrated is vital when you are pregnant. You will want a bottle of water on hand throughout the day to sip on, keeping you in peak condition as you await the arrival of your little one.

Water will keep your vital processes functioning well and will ensure toxins are flushed from your system. You will also feel better well-hydrated. Definitely, don’t skimp on the water.

2 A handheld fan

A handheld fan is a brilliant way to cool down when unexpected heat rises. Pregnant women are prone to hot flashes, and having a breeze blowing in one’s face can settle unsettled nerves – and moods.

You can buy a beautiful fold-up fan which you can open and fan yourself with if you are caught in traffic and feeling queasy, or with friends, and suddenly feeling out of sorts.

1 A scarf

A pregnant woman never knows who she is going to run into or when she might need a quick pick-me-upper to transform her outfit in a single move. A bright or beautifully-patterned scarf can transform an outfit instantly.

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What’s more, because the scarf becomes the focal point of one’s outfit, it will divert attention from your new preggy bulges and uplift your entire appearance. You will feel just that much more beautiful with a tweak here and there to your outfit using the simple – and versatile – scarf.

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