10 Must-Have Accessories For Pregnant Moms

This category of things cannot be defined in a few words. It includes all those things you didn't realize were a necessity until baby arrived.

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Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to abandon style and glamor. There are ways you can get your pregnant belly to really work for you and through the correct use of accessories, you can make this time in your life an exciting chapter in reinventing style.

With the right accessories, a pregnant woman can be transformed from frumpy to super feminine. Here are 10 must-have accessories every pregnant woman can benefit from:

10 The scarf

This is more correctly called ‘the versatile scarf’. This is because the same brightly, colored, handpicked scarf can become a neck scarf, a shawl, a belt, a headband, or a waist accessory.

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All it takes to wear this is some creativity and pregnancy is a time when creativity is stirred and you find yourself thinking along new lines. Use this as a time to reinvent yourself. There are many online tutorials for folding and shaping scarves to enhance your clothing.

9 The brooch

It could be argued that one never quite appreciates the faithful brooch until one becomes ‘Mom’. Expectant moms will realize it’s the small things in a woman’s wardrobe which makes her feel beautiful and these include the brooch. A simple diamante design or a dazzling, bling-filled ensemble will do the trick!

8 A handbag

Bags are a great fashion accessory for many reasons. They don't only complement one's shoes and outfit as a whole, but can be used to create balance in an outfit, and as a focal point in one's presentation.

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Choose a bag that is bright and striking to uplift your outfit. If you are feeling like a drab, frumpy third-trimester woman, bright, attractive accessories, like a bag, will add a sparkle to your presentation. But remember, you are still beautiful! It's just the pregnancy hormones wreaking havoc with your emotions.

7 A beautiful hair slide

A hairpin or slide with jewel detail which goes with your other accessories will add something beautiful to your presentation. Now more than ever, you need to embrace the sparkling, vibrant woman that you are.

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Your emotions might have done a rollercoaster, leaving you elated one minute and down the next, but this doesn't mean your outfit needs to reflect how you are feeling. Consistently choosing beautiful accessories, even for your hair, will remind you that you are cherished and valuable.

6 Your favorite preggy shoes

They might be flat so that you don't fall over, with your pregnant belly, and they might not be as pointy or cutting-edge as you like, but there are shoes that are designed with sparkling awesomeness for pregnant women. Find a pair of shoes you absolutely love, in your favorite color - ones which go great with your preggy outfits and wear them on days when you feel heavy and out of sorts to uplift you and remind you of the beautiful woman that you are.

5 The banana clip

This is a clip that allows all of your hair to be pinned back one shot. What's great about these is that they are easy to put in for days when you feel hot flushes, or when you want to 'slim' down your face in a quick and easy way (since they have a slimming effect). These are also easy to keep in your handbag and much easier to put in your hair than a whole lot of separate hair clips. Although banana clips might seem very 80s, with the right attitude and finesses, you can pull it off - pregnant and all!

4 Comfortable jeans

Jeans are a great addition to a wardrobe, in that they go with just about anything. While most women will find they live in gypsy or hippie-style clothing while pregnant, a good pair of maternity jeans with a stretching waist and stretch fabric will add comfort to days when dressing to look one's best seems a monumental task. The jeans can also be dressed up or dressed down, according to the occasion. Buy ones you feel great in. As long as you feel good, no explanation needs to be given to anyone else.

3 A sentimental, signature piece of jewelry

It is true that a signature piece of jewelry can add something beautiful to a dull outfit and can uplift one when heaviness and emotions might weigh one down. Beautiful jewelry also makes a woman feel beautiful and as a pregnant woman, you are beautiful. Every pregnant woman needs a necklace or bracelet which reminds her who she is. This might be a chain you were given as a First Communion gift, or a bracelet your spouse bought you after your first year together.

2 A pashmina

This special kind of shawl can be folded in a myriad of ways to become a shawl, a shrug, a waist belt, a top. They come in a variety of colors and textures and there's a reason Oprah Winfrey loves them. You should have one in your cupboard as even when you are at your heaviest, the pashmina will still 'fit'. Those frumpy preggy outfits need not get you down as a creative, simple addition of such accessory will keep you looking beautifully you.

1 A good watch

A watch is an essential item for any pregnant woman. It will help when brain fog sets in and will also add something special to an outfit. Pregnant women need not be ditsy in terms of time management. Planning your day, and using your minutes wisely, with the help of a watch, will go a long way in helping you to feel energised and on top of things during your important nine months.

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