Pregnant Motorist Shares Viral Video Of Road Rage Driver Spitting At Her After Cutting Her Off

There are plenty of incidents around the world involving drivers with road rage, and it is never a pleasant sight. Being on the receiving end of a driver’s wrath is headache-inducing, but it is even worse when the victim is a mom-to-be.

According to The Mirror, an anonymous woman took to a local Facebook group to share dashcam footage of the horrific incident that occurred in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England on Thursday, November 15th. In the video, a male driver can be seen blocking the woman’s path before he then decides to stop on a roundabout. It is clear to the viewers that the mom-to-be is staying on the right side of the lane whereas her harasser’s white Vauxhall can be seen a little farther away.

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The pregnant woman follows the rules of the road before entering the roundabout, only to have the uncouth driver veer towards her in the right lane and causing her to quickly hit the breaks. Needless to say, his actions irritated her and she beeped her car horn at him. To add insult to injury, the man slowed and then rolled his windows down so that he could go on a road rage-induced rant before ending his little speech and hurling a couple of globs of spit in the direction of the poor woman’s car.

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The anonymous woman took to social media to share the footage with other folks, including some that live in the area, with the caption “Well done to the ‘man’ who decided to cut up a pregnant woman, and hail abuse at her when she beeped because you cut me and then spat at my car.”

The woman received comments from several supporters; most of which made snarky comments about how the male driver was rude to her or complaining about how many drivers nowadays seem to forget the rules of the road. Even though the encounter was unpleasant for a woman dealing with all of the aches and pains of pregnancy, it is a relief to see that she escaped the situation unharmed because there are always news stories out there with a similar situation that winds up escalating in a bad way.

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