Pregnant Mom And PTA President Shot Alongside Husband While Checking Car Alarm

Misty Smith Walton, a beloved member of the community, was shot last Saturday night after checking her car alarm. The tragic incident has left many sad and angry, especially the family she left behind. She was taken from the world through a senseless act of gun violence. The incident was so sudden, and there has yet to be any suspects investigated for the shooting.

Late last Saturday, Walton was having a quiet night in with her husband. Suddenly, their car alarm goes off, so they went out to investigate. According to witnesses and police reports, gun shots were heard after they went outside. Both were hit by bullets, but Walton’s wounds were fatal. She didn’t even make it to the hospital and died on the scene.

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The most tragic part is that her children have lost a mother. Walton had two sons, aged 8 and 11, and they just woke up one day mother-less. She was also six-months pregnant with a baby girl that she’s been waiting so long for. With her fatal wounds, the baby was also lost, and the boys of the family are devastated. Her children are currently under the care of their aunt while their dad is recovering from his wounds

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Walton was also an active member of the community, so her loss has affected many people in the area. She was the PTA president at Carl Munck Elementary School because her younger son is currently in the second grade there. She was known as “Miss Misty,” and the entire school was mourning the loss of a beloved person who walked their halls. The school has even set up mental health counselling services to help children and staff cope with her murder.

Currently, authorities don’t have a single suspect for the shooting. They are continuing to investigate and promise those who loved Walton that her murderers will be brought to justice. Her friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for her family. With the lasting impact Walton had on the community, friends and neighbours are all pitching in to ensure that her children are well taken care of in her absence.

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