Pregnant Rachel Campos-Duffy Says New Baby Could Face 'Developmental Challenges'

Sean Duffy and pregnant Rachel Campos-Duffy share that their 9th child has holes in her heart and might have some other complications.

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The couple decided that their daughter, who will be their 9th child, needs to have some extra attention. They decided that Duffy would resign from his political office to be able to give their upcoming daughter more time. Rachel shared that it is very hard to be a child in a political family. She then goes on to say that there are a lot of things that they missed out on and a lot of things that they regret. The couple agrees that after 8 1/2 years that they are finally going to leave the political environment for a while. Maybe this will give their kids a chance to have a normal childhood out of the public eye.

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Rachel said she knows that she will miss moments about having her husband in political office. She said that many times they will be watching television and the capitol will show up and the kids will say, "look there's daddy's office!" Rachel said that hearing her kids say that has always given her chills because she knows how important her husband is, but "family first." She knows that her daughter is going to need to have both of her parents helping her to handle all of her complications that she probably will have.

The couple currently has 8 children ranging from ages 3 years old to 19 years old. Their other children were born very healthy and none of them have any health issues or complications. This will be the first child that will deal with such severe complications. They said that they know that God will watch over them and help them through the challenges that they are about to face. They know that their 8 other children will be there to love her and to wrap their arms around the baby girl.

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