Pregnant Shawn Johnson Heads To The ER After Breaking Her Toe

Pregnant Shawn Johnson found herself in the emergency room after she broke her toe.

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Shawn Johnson shares a photo on Instagram where she stated that she was 38 weeks pregnant. She shared that she ended up in the emergency room for breaking her big toe. She is shown in the photo holding her cellphone while sitting in a hospital bed. She was seen with a red icepack on her right foot with what looks like an x-ray of her broken toe sitting on the bed with her.

The Gymnast shares that she is fine and everything is okay but she is just adding a little bit more "swag" to her already impressive "big mama waddle." Her husband Andrew East shared a picture on his Instagram where he showed a picture of her x-ray. Then he told everybody to tag somebody in the post with their pain tolerance. He is convinced that his wife has a great pain tolerance because she broke her toe and yet she was still walking on it all while being 9-months-pregnant. He said that his wife accidentally smashed her foot with a rock and that she took it like a complete "champ." Shawn Johnson took the entire thing with stride by making fun of herself and saying, "hahaha only me."

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The couple got married in 2016 and announced in April 2019 that they were expecting their first child together after suffering a devastating miscarriage. She shared a post to Instagram and said, “Baby East… we cannot WAIT to welcome you to the world and shower you with love,” the Iowa native captioned her Instagram reveal at the time. “@andreweast WE DID IT!” The couple has decided not to figure out the sex of their baby and they will be surprised when the little guy or little lady enters the world.

We are sorry to hear about the big toe but we are happy that everything is alright with Johnson and Baby East. We hope you have some great final weeks of pregnancy and that everything goes well and that you have a sweet little healthy baby. We are excited to figure out the baby's gender!

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