Pregnant In-Law Says She Should Get First Choice Of Bed For Overnight Stay

One pregnant woman is saying she should get priority choice for sleeping arrangements when she stays at her brother's house for the holidays, even suggesting she takes the master bedroom.

Being pregnant isn't easy, and things can get uncomfortable. So, it's understandable, that after a long day of carrying a human inside you, you want a comfortable sleep. That's why, according to Reddit post on r/AmItheA**hole — a subreddit where users share stories for others to vote on whether or not the author is a jerk in the situation — user u/shacklackety says when planning for the holidays, sleeping arrangements became a point of contention with their sister-in-law (SIL) who is six-months pregnant. When the plan was for the mother and father-in-law to sleep in the guest bedroom on a regular bed, while SIL and her husband sleep on an air mattress in the office.

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"Last time SIL visited overnight a few months ago, we had other guests already staying in the guest bedroom for several weeks and felt it would be a lot to have them move all their personal items, so we gave her the air mattress again," writes the Redditor. "She made a big deal about how pregnant people should get priority sleeping arrangements, even if it means uprooting someone for a night."

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So, with the holidays coming up, SIL came up with another idea — sleep in the master bedroom while she stays at her brother's place. This bothers the Redditor for a few reasons, but mostly, because he's currently in a long-distance relationship with their partner, and will only be home for a short while during the holidays. So, they asked Reddit if they're in the wrong for wanting SIL to sleep on an air mattress.

For the most part, the group agrees with u/shacklackety, but not with everything. For the most part, the Redditors say that a pregnant woman should avoid sleeping on air mattresses, and it would be pretty uncomfortable for her. Still, when staying overnight at someone's house, it's expected that you'll probably sleep on an inflatable mattress. With that said, the solution shouldn't be to request the master bedroom. Instead, it would be very easy for her to stay at a hotel, thus avoiding any confrontation with family.

There's very little evidence online regarding how sleeping on an air mattress can impact pregnancy, however, if this issue is something that SIL is worried about, she should find her own sleeping arrangements. While we don't know what her relationship is like with her sibling, it seems to be a little bit of a stretch to request the master bedroom, and it will only cause issues over the holidays. Hopefully, this family can sort out this bed situation before its too late.

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