10 Tips To Help You Sleep While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, your body changes in ways that you read about. But, when it happens, you are never ready. Because pregnancy changes our bodies so much, it can be difficult for us to do things we did before. For example, bending over to tie your shoes becomes almost impossible, food that you loved before now repels you, and even sleeping can become a challenge.

With your body working overtime to help create a new life, there is no wonder it can be difficult for you to sleep. Yet, getting sleep in while you are pregnant is necessary due to the lack of sleep you are going to get after the baby arrives. Keep reading to discover ten tips to help you sleep while you are pregnant!

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10 Exercise Regularly

When you are pregnant, you might not fully feel like yourself. You are no getting used to your body growing as your baby develops. As your body grows, you still want to keep exercising. However, you are not going to go full steam like you were before you were pregnant.

Still, even just walking and basic, simple strength training can help a pregnant woman sleep better. Working out helps your body feel tired while your brain releases chemicals to help calm yourself down. So, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, try exercising and see if that helps you!

9 Cut Back On Fluids Around Nighttime

Being pregnant is an amazing experience... except when you have a difficult time sleeping. One reason why you might have a tough time sleeping through the night is that you keep waking up to use the bathroom.

If this is you, then you may want to cut back on any type of fluids when it gets closer to your bedtime. We are not saying that you cannot have any water if you are really thirsty, but just make sure you are conscious about what you are drinking and how much you are drinking at once.

8 Create A Sleep Schedule And Keep To It

When you're pregnant, a sleep schedule can be extremely helpful, though it can be tough to stick to it. Everyone thinks that sleep schedules are just for babies and kids, but, in reality, everyone needs to create a sleep schedule, and, yes even you. Creating a sleep schedule will help your mind and body form a routine to help tell your body that it is bedtime. This also means you need to have a set time when you also wake up. So put any mixed feelings aside and create a sleep schedule.

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7 Use A Pillow

Pillows are a pregnant woman's best friend; they are great to use to help you sit comfortably in a chair, to lift up your feet after a long day, and to help support you when you are laying down on the bed. Pillows can be great to put in places you need to hold up to create a more comfortable sleeping arrangement.

One night you might need a pillow by your side, and the next night you might need a pillow placed between your legs. Pillows are able to move and form into shapes and spots you need them to be in.

6 Meditate

Meditation is a great tool for anyone to use when they are having trouble sleeping. Meditation is also great for pregnant women to help ease their minds of any thoughts that are keeping them up. You can meditate right on your bed by closing your eyes and doing some deep breathing exercises.

You can even download apps on your phone to help guide you through meditation, too, if you are having difficulties by yourself. It doesn’t matter how you meditate as long as you are taking the type to really connect to your body and mind.

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5 Read A Book

Sometimes at night, even though our body is tired, our minds can still be wide awake ready for some simulation. So, if you try to go to sleep when your mind is up, you are just going to be tossing and turning for hours. Reading a book can really help give your mind the situation that it needs to be able to calm down. Head to the library to pick up a book that will keep you interested for multiple nights, but not one that will make you want to stay up reading all night long!

4 Avoid Heavy Meals At Night

Just like drinking a lot of water can affect how you sleep, eating a big, heavy meal can also make sleeping at night difficult for you when you are pregnant. Eating a heavy meal can make your body work overtime to make the food you just ate into energy for your body.

This energy is going to be something your body is going to want to burn off right away, making you stay up as a result. So if you are known for eating late at night, try to move your meal up in the day and eat your biggest meal for breakfast or lunch.

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3 Journal

Journaling is a tool that many people love to use at the end of the day to help them unwind. This activity could be the perfect thing your mind needs in order to help you get ready for a great night's sleep. You can journal about your day or things you hope to accomplish in the week.

Journaling is a great way for you to write down any worries or stress you feel about the pregnancy, and it's also a great way to remember the things for which you are grateful. Taking the time out of your day to journal can help clear your mind and provide a calming background to help you get some great sleep.

2 Get Out Of Bed

I know what you are thinking; if you are having a difficult time going to bed and getting sleep, why would you want to get out of bed? Hear me out, getting out of bed can give your body and mind a chance to focus on something else besides the sleep they are missing.

Just walking around the house looking around or looking out the window into the backyard can ease your mind. You will notice that, when you stop putting so much pressure on yourself to sleep, your mind will slowly get tired, making it easier for you to go back to bed.

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1 Talk To Your Partner

One of the best things you can do when you are having a difficult time sleeping is to talk to your partner. You can talk to them about anything. You can talk about your day, how excited you are for the baby to arrive, maybe even talk about your favorite T.V. show. So long as you are talking, it can help you get ready for bed.

Even just listening to your partner talking can be calming and soothing to help put you asleep. Just make sure that your partner knows not to be upset if you pass out on them in the middle of their story.

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