Pregnant Teen Kicked In Stomach During Fight At Upper Darby High School

A fight broke out in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania between two teen girls, one of which is pregnant. Occurring at the Upper Darby High School, the two girls, both 15, met in a stairwell in which the alleged attacker reportedly kicked the pregnant victim repeatedly in the stomach after throwing her to the ground.

The victim, who was transported to the local emergency room soon after the attack, spoke to Eyewitness News about the incident. With the victim's sister as a witness to the violent scene, the two girls remain perplexed as to how and why someone would do that knowing an unborn baby could be harmed in the process.

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Wanting to remain anonymous, in fear of being attacked yet again, the victim's name and face are unknown to the general public. The victim's mother wishes to press charges against the alleged attacker but so far nothing has been filed.

Speaking with the Upper Darby Police Superintendent, Michael Chitwood, the attack was brought on by a year-long feud that has been going on and probably isn't over yet. “Somebody's gonna die because this incident between these two young ladies has been escalating for over a year,” he says.

To make things worse, the alleged attacker posted on Instagram as if to mock the situation by saying “I hope your baby survived that kick,” ending it with a 'kiss' emoji. The victim now fears for both her safety and the safety of her baby if she returns to school, something no student should ever have to feel.

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With the video surveillance having been submitted to local police, the school district is working closely with them to see what actions need to be done. “It was very, very upsetting. I'm still very upset about the whole thing,” says the pregnant teen's mother in the interview.

Upper Darby High School is known for how diverse their community of students is. Without knowing the exact cause of the feud, differences in cultural and ethnic backgrounds could potentially be at play, but it is not known for certain. The tragedy of this situation is, for a lot of teens at Upper Darby High, this is to be expected at school.

Thankfully, the victim's baby should be okay.

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