Pregnant Tori Roloff Claps Back At Hater Who Called Her Fat & Unhealthy

Little People Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff are expecting their second child together. They have a two year old son named Jackson who has a form of dwarfism. His father, Zach is also a Dwarf. Tori said that she doesn't care if her second baby is a little person as well because she said, "dwarf babies are the cutest babies." The couple then found out that they were going to have a little baby girl and they were so excited to have a daughter coming soon. Tori is now nine months pregnant and going to be having her sweet little baby any day now!

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Tori has shared several times in her pregnancy that she has felt a bit self-conscious about her pregnant body. At one point she got maternity pictures taken and she said she was so grateful for the pictures because she was able to have a lot more confidence in her body. Since Tori is in the spotlight she has been mom-shamed a lot and she has tried to keep a brave face. Recently somebody slammed her for her pregnant body. She was called "fat" and was told that she looks really "unhealthy." The person wrote on her Instagram, “Girl, what happens [sic] with you, you’re so fat." The commenter then compared Tori to another celebrity and said, “Look at her, she’s son [sic] pretty and not so fat,” the critic continued. “You should try to eat and live like her, look at u, u look so bad, big face, mug everything. Try to take care of yourself please. Try to be healthy for ur family, now ur gonna have 2 kids, give them a good example,” the person added.

Tori was in complete shock about why this woman would ever say something like to her!  “I usually do not respond to ridiculousness like this, but what in the actual heck,” she wrote. “I can not believe women talk to other women like this. Calling me fat and unhealthy is the most disgusting thing ever. Comparing me to others is so detrimental.” She added, “If you want me to be healthy for my family you should be lifting me up not tearing me down. GTFO. I’m pregnant and myself and baby girl are healthy as can be.” In a separate post, Roloff shared that she would continue treating her body the way she wants. “I’m only here to do me,” she penned. “And if that means eating a milkshake a day guess what? I’m here for it.”

It is absolutely ridiculous that this woman would go out of her way to shame a 9-month-pregnant woman about her weight!

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