Pregnant While Pregnant: 12 Women Who Went Through It (And 7 Ways It Can Happen)

Ok, so a woman finds out she is pregnant. She is over the moon about it. Now weeks go by and she heads to an ultrasound appointment. She gets to see her little nugget on the screen. She is beyond thrilled. Only, she knows there is something wrong when the doctors face drops after seeing her baby.

There is something wrong! She starts thinking about everything possible thing that could have happened. She miscarried, it wasn’t really a pregnancy but something else, there is something wrong with the baby and it's growing a third arm, or maybe it's not growing any arms at all!

Then the doctor finally looks at her and tells her she is pregnant with not one baby, but two. Relief floods her and she is beyond thrilled and scared at the time. Twins? Oh, lord what is she going to do? But that is not all of it. The doctor explains to her that one of the babies is a lot smaller than the other and she is going to have to do more testing before coming up with results as to why. So, she does some tests and researchers everything she can. The conclusion turns out to be “Superfetation.”

What in the world is Superfetation? So, she explains how once in a blue moon a woman can drop another egg while pregnant. She must have been active around the time it dropped, and she got pregnant, again. So now she is having two babies at two different times. How crazy is that?? Keep scrolling to find out other ways this can happen, how to prevent it, and even stories of some women that it has happened to.

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19 Biologically, This Shouldn't Be Possible

Superfetation is a process some women go through where their body releases a second egg a few weeks into her pregnancy. When that egg becomes fertilized, is results in her having a second baby a few weeks apart from the first.

This process is so rare that it typically only happens in animals such as bunny rabbits. According to babycenter.com, biologically speaking, this should not happen.

"Pregnancy hormones usually shut down a woman's system, making it impossible for her to ovulate during her pregnancy," says Connie Hedmark, an obstetrician at Marquette General Hospital in Michigan. "This is why superfetation is so remarkable."

18 One Way This Can Happen Is By An Event Called Superfetation

When a woman gets pregnant, normally her body stops releasing eggs due to all the hormones her body is now producing. There are some women who are so fertile though that they can release eggs while pregnant. It is a rare phenomenon that doesn’t happen often though, so do not worry.

So how can a woman get pregnant, while pregnant? Well, according to babycenter.com, if she is lucky enough to drop another egg during her pregnancy, she can become pregnant again if the egg is fertilized during sex with a partner. How crazy is that? This event is called Superfetation.

According to a woman named Karen Boyle, an expert who deals with medicines who help women to become pregnant, this event is typically only found in animals, such as bunny rabbits, which is why when it happens in a woman doctors are so shocked, and it goes down in the history books.

17 How To Tell If Its Superfetation Or Just Twins

Superfetation is such a rare phenomenon that there is no real test yet to prove if two babies are twins are created at different times. According to health.com, just because fetuses appear to have different conception dates, doesn’t really prove that superfetation is involved.

There is something that is called twin-twin discordance, which can give the appearance of babies appearing at different times. This disorder makes it so twins grow at different rates, most of the time due to one twin getting more nutrients than the other.

The only indication that might verify it being superfetation is when a mother goes for one ultrasound to reveal one baby and then a few weeks later goes for another to reveal a second baby is now there.

16 The Difficulties Of Superfetation

According to healthline.com, the biggest complication though of superfetation is the growing rate of the two babies. Most women who go through superfetation, are at risk of delivering one of their babies premature. There are some women though who are able to deliver one baby via C-section and keep the other one in longer till closer to his or her due date.

When a child is born premature, it is at high risk for many different complications such as breathing issues, low birth weight, movement and coordination problems, difficulties eating, brain hemorrhage or bleeding on the brain, or neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, which means a breathing disorder developed due to underdeveloped lungs.

Even mom is at risk of developing certain complications during a superfetation pregnancy, some being: high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

15 How To Prevent It

Superfetation is such a rare phenomenon that there really is nothing to worry about.

But, if a woman is worried that it may happen to her, besides using condoms, the best way to prevent superfetation to occurring is to not have sexual intercourse after becoming pregnant with the first baby. Like already stated, though, according to healthline.com, it is incredibly unlikely that it will happen a second time due to how rare it is.

The few cases that it has happened was women who were undergoing fertility treatments to become pregnant in the first place.

It is recommended that while doing IVF treatments, a woman follows all the directions given to her by her doctor, including the ones about being abstinence at a certain period of the pregnancy.

14 The Case Of Jessica Allen


Jessica Allen was a mother of two living in California with her husband when she had made the decision to become a surrogate for a lovely Chinese couple she had met through an agency in 2016.

Everything was going great. According to livescience.com, she took to the in vitro fertilization right away and soon become pregnant with the couple’s baby. A few weeks later, the couple became ecstatic when they learned that Jessica wasn’t just having one baby, but two. She was having twins.

As time went on, the doctor realized that there was something wrong with baby number two though. It was not growing as fast as the other twin. After some tests, they soon discovered that these babies were not actually twins.

Once the babies were born, DNA proved that the first baby Jessica became pregnant with was, in fact, the Chinese couple’s baby, but she then became pregnant again six weeks later after a second egg had dropped. The second baby was hers with her husband. Jessica told the New York Post, “It turned out that, in an extremely rare medical incident called superfetation, we had gotten pregnant naturally.”

Unfortunately for Jessica, there are rules and laws to being a surrogate and technically her child was not hers. She had to go through a very complicated legal battle to get custody of her own child. It was in February 2017 that Jessica and her husband Wardell Jasper would finally be able to bring their baby boy home, who they named Malachi.

13 When A Women Has Two Uteruses


That’s right folks, there are some women who are born with two uteruses, some even have two cervixes. How crazy is that?

The process starts before the baby girl is born. Typically, when a woman becomes pregnant with a baby girl, that little girl starts off with two small tubes. According to mayoclinic.org, as the little girl begins to grow inside her mother’s stomach, the two tubes will join together to become the uterus.

There are times though that the two tubes don’t connect completely. When this happens, both ends of the tubes that didn’t connect will instead start growing into separate uteruses, causing the baby to have two of them.

When this happens, there is normally just one opening into the birth canal, but there are occasions when a thin wall of tissue can form that runs up the length of the cervix, separating the two openings and giving the woman not just two uteruses, but two cervixes too.

That is crazy!!

12 Treatment For Women With Double Uteruses


Women who are born with a double uterus, typically do not need to seek treatment if they are showing no signs or symptoms of complications.

When a baby girl is first conceived she has two small tubes. As she develops in her mother stomach, those two tubes connect to form her uterus. There are cases though where they did not fully connect, causing instead two uteruses to form.

There is a surgery to connect the two uteruses together, but it is rarely performed.

There is an operation a woman can go through if she has not only a double uterus but also a double cervix. The operation, according to mayoclinic.org, will help to separate the tissue that separates the two cervixes, making it into one instead, which can also help to make childbirth easier.

11  Julia Grovenburg Had Two Kids, Two Weeks Apart


Julia and her husband struggled for nearly three years trying to have their own child. They had almost given up hope due to all the constant failures and were debating on adopting a child from a foreign country to fill the void when they decided to give it one more try at conceiving a child of their own.

Their prayers were answered when one day Julia took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.

What makes their story so remarkable though is that due to how hard they were trying, Julia had actually gotten pregnant twice, at two different times! Her babies were two and a half weeks apart.

Her doctor was baffled and had no idea what to expect or tell her. After 30 years of medicine, this was his first case of twins born from superfetation. Julia wound up having to transfer to a specialist hospital to try and get help from people who knew what they were doing. According to dailymail.co.uk, that is where she learned that one twin was due on December 24, 2009, and the other was due on January 14, 2010.

Their goal was to try and get her to as close to full term for the second baby as possible and they almost did. On December 2, 2009, Julia gave birth to both her little girl Jillian and her baby boy Hudson by C-Section. Due to how tiny Hudson was, they didn’t want to risk Julia going into labor and delivering him via natural birth.

Julia and her husband now have two healthy children.

10  Michelle Hutchins Couldn’t Believe What Was Happening

When Michelle Hutchins became pregnant at the age of 37, she was in shock. Then she found out she was having twins and she couldn’t believe it. These were not ordinary twins though, Michelle had actually gotten pregnant at different times due to superfetation. One baby, a baby boy named Finley, showed up near the end of 2005, and the other, a baby girl named Macey, showed up during the start of 2006.

Michelle’s case made headlines. Michelle herself was confused though and couldn’t believe it when the doctors told her she got pregnant at two different times. How is that even possible? According to dailymail.co.uk, Michelle had this to say: “I had no idea you could fall pregnant while pregnant. It seems impossible, but when I look at my children it's obviously the right explanation.” Michelle gave birth months later to two babies on the same day.

9 Maricica Tescu Had Two Babies Born Two Months Apart

Maricia Tescu is one woman who had the pleasure of stumping doctors around the world not once, but twice. Hers was a case that would go down in medical history. She first wowed doctors when they found out she had two uteruses. That’s right, two. A case so rare that it only happens to 1 in 2,000 women worldwide. She couldn’t believe the news.

Unfortunately, women who are born with this condition have a hard time conceiving. According to telepgraph.co.uk, Maricia learned this the hard way when she became pregnant in 1998 with a baby girl. Sadly, her little one did not survive and died six months into the pregnancy. Doctors told her that the tragic lost did so much damage that it left her infertile. She and her husband never gave up hope, though.

That was when she shocked the world yet again in 2004 by getting pregnant with not one, but two babies. One in each uterus. What makes her case so unique though is that she got pregnant at different times. Instead of being born minutes apart like most twins, these two little miracle babies will be born months apart.

Her first baby, a little boy, was born in early December 2004 and stayed in the ICU for a bit while they got his breathing under control. Typically, when a woman with two uteruses gives birth, both uteruses are affected and go into labor. Luckily for Maricia, her second womb remained unaffected and she kept the second baby in for two months longer. Her second baby, a baby girl, was born at full term in early February 2005. What a miracle.

8 Kate Hill's Girls Were 10 Days Apart

Kate Hill was shocked when she learned that she was having twin girls. Then when Kate and her husband found out that the girls were actually 10 days apart, they couldn’t believe the news.

According to self.com, Kate became pregnant with her second child after she released a second egg 10 days later. Unlike most cases of superfetation though, Kate didn’t have sex to fertilize the second egg.

See, when a male swimmer enters a woman’s body, it can stay alive for up to 10 days. Meaning, when Kate’s body created a second egg, there was still enough of them swimming inside of her which resulted in another baby. She gave birth to both baby girls on the same day.

7 This Woman Gave Birth To Two Babies A Month Apart

Back in 1992, a 32-year-old woman, her name was not mentioned, made history after giving birth to what doctors thought were twins. According to thesun.co.uk, doctors were baffled after the woman went into labor and gave birth to two babies who were different sizes. One baby was a lot bigger than the other. After careful examination, they soon learned that the bigger baby came first, and the other, four weeks later. Meaning, they were a whole month apart.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body shuts down due to all the hormones pumping through her system, meaning that she is no longer producing eggs. For this woman though, she had experienced a normal cycle throughout her pregnancy. Her doctor is positive that it was during her second cycle into the pregnancy that her body released another egg, causing her to become pregnant with baby number two.

She wound up giving birth to both babies on the same day.

6 An Anonymous Woman Who Gave Birth In 1999

Like the woman in 1992, another woman who was 38-years-old at the time found out that she was carrying twins in 1999. Thanks to the development of ultrasounds though, doctors were able to discover her twins were actually created at different times before she gave birth.

According to pychologytoday.com, she gave birth to two healthy babies during an uncomplicated birth in 1999. One was a 40-week old baby girl who weighed in at a whopping 7.2 pounds and the other was a 36-week old baby boy who weighed in at 5.1 pounds.

5  Angie Cromar’s Babies Arrived A Week Apart

Biracial twins

Angie Cromar was already a mom to three beautiful children when she found out she was having two more with her husband Joel. Angie has a condition though that makes her not like most women. She was born with two uteruses, according to news.com.

There are some women with two uteruses who are unable to carry a baby to full term, let alone twins. Angie made headlines though when she became pregnant with two babies, but a week apart. She carried both babies in different uteruses.

It was during her first ultrasound that her doctor had found that her babies were growing at different stages. Angie told KTLA, a local TV station, (He said) I'm five weeks and four days in one, and six weeks and one day in the other.”

Angie, who is a labor and delivery nurse, knows the complications that comes with her condition. "Oh, I'm a little nervous, just because I know what can happen, but I'm really excited," she said. (I was unable to find an update as to if both babies survived and when she gave birth).

4  Sevinc Celik Made Turkish History


Sevinc Celik was living out in Turkey with her husband Western Ismir when she found out in February 2017 that she was expecting a baby. A month later they would learn that they were actually expecting twins.

Sevinc’s pregnancy was not a normal pregnancy though. In fact, they would end up going down in Turkish history. After the birth of her baby boys via C-section on October 6, 2017, her doctors realized that her baby boys, Poyraz and Ayaz, were actually created a month apart.

According to dailysabah.com, Sevinc had gone through a process called superfetation, which is when her body releases another egg during pregnancy. "Two tiny miracles grew in me. There were days when I could not sleep thinking of my babies," Sevinç said.

3  Amelia Spence Was Wowed When She Learned Of Her Miracle


Amelia Spence was a 29-year-old mother of two living with her partner when she learned that she was expecting again. It was during her 12-week scan that she would learn that she wasn’t expecting one baby, but two, and they were not twins but single pregnancies separated by three weeks. One could almost call Amelia super fertile. It was later learned that Amelia was actually taking the birth control pill when she became pregnant with both babies.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Amelia gave birth to both babies via C-section. Her daughter Ame was born at just 29-weeks and her other daughter Lia was born at 32-weeks. "It is hard to get our heads around the fact that I was pregnant with two babies at the same time and they aren't twins,” said Amelia Spence. "When I explain it to people they get very confused,” she continued.

2  Alison Jenning’s Gave Birth To Two Girls Created A Week Apart


Alison was at her 12-week sonogram when she would learn that her twin girls, were not actually twins at all. The girls were growing at different rates, meaning that they were created at different times. After examining both babies, doctors learned that they were actually conceived a week apart from each other during a process called superfetation, which is when a woman’s body releases a second egg after already getting pregnant.

According to dailymail.co.uk, during her 12-week ultrasound where she had learned all this, the second baby was so small at the time that she was unable to get a picture of her. “As a result, I had to wait ten days until we could have another look.” At 37-weeks pregnant, Alison was rushed to the hospital due to a case of pneumonia. It was decided three hours later that she would have to deliver each baby via C-section due to her struggle to breathe.

Sadly, Alison had a rough pregnancy and at 37-weeks, she was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia. Doctors decided to deliver the babies three hours later via C-section due to Alison’s difficulty breathing. Grace was born weight 5lbs 5oz, and her sister Lana was born 6lbs 9oz.

1  Flavia D’Angelo Lied About Her Whole Experience

The medical world was in awe when they learned of a woman who had gotten pregnant with triplets, while already pregnant.

Flavia D’Angelo was already into her six-month of pregnancy with baby number one when her OBGYN learned that she was pregnant with three other babies who appeared three months after her original pregnancy. According to news.bbc.co.uk, the medical world went nuts after learning and controversial claims started to be made.

A few months later the Magistrate of Umberto Monti came to Flavia and her husband Riccardo after learning that they had not registered the birth of their first child who was due to be born in December, nor the birth of their other three triplets.

Turns out that couple had made the entire story up. Not only was she not pregnant with triplets, but she was in fact never even pregnant at all.

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