Pregnant Woman Bullied For The Size Of Her Baby Bump

A mother becomes pregnant with her second baby and she is immediately bullied for the size of her baby bump.


Elisha Bakes, 30, became pregnant with her second child. She was so excited to be able to tell all of her Instagram followers about the new arrival of their baby! She assumed that her fans would be excited and extremely excited over the news, but instead she received responses that she wasn't expecting.

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Elisha's fans were definitely not supportive of her new addition. Elisha's fans started telling her that her belly was so big that there was no way that she was as early as she said. They said that her due dates were definitely off and that's why she was "so big." She was only 14 weeks when she announced her pregnancy, but people were suggesting that she was wrong about her date and she was a lot further along.


As Elisha's pregnancy progressed, people began getting more and more rude. One of her fans said that she was either "expecting 78 babies, or a horse." Another especially rude fan straight out called Elisha's belly "gross." Elisha's Instagram followers started saying that she was obviously so "HUGE" because she was eating terribly. They were suggesting that Elisha was not taking care of her body and that she was "eating for five." Elisha felt like she had to constantly stand up for herself and defend the size of her bump.

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When Elisha was only 24 weeks along people would stop her out in public and would ask if she was going to "pop" at any moment. She said they almost always looked horrified when she would tell them she had three more months left. Elisha had to constantly tell everybody that each woman carried differently. Amiss all of the bullies, many women stepped up and shared their stories with Elisha about how they had a large bump too! It is important that as women we should always be trying to support one another. We should never tear down a pregnant woman for having a bump that is a little bit bigger. You should never tell a woman that her belly is, "gross." That is never acceptable. Elisha ended up delivering a beautiful and healthy baby! Congratulations Elisha and ignore the haters! You are beautiful!

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