Pregnant Woman Convinced She Can See Her Late Father’s Ghost In Ultrasound Photos

A pregnant mother from San Diego is convinced that she can see her late father's ghost in her ultrasound photos. Shantel Carrillo says that her father appeared for a visit during her mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan for her unborn baby girl.

Carrillo didn't see the resemblance to her father in the photos until friends and family pointed it out on Facebook. Shortly after the scan photos were posted, many started commenting, "that looks like your dad oh my gosh... that looks like Chuck."

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Skeptical at first, Carrillo took a closer look at the photos and was amazed. Rummaging through old photos, she found a photo of her father holding her other daughter and couldn't believe her eyes. The resemblance was uncanny and looked exactly like her father, Charles, was kissing her newest baby girl.

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Carrillo had lost her father back in 2016 and was absolutely devastated. When her family and friends pointed out his face in her photos, it gave her a glimmer of hope that he's still with her. Carrillo couldn't help sharing the news with CBS News 8, who agree that it does indeed look like a person is kissing the baby.

Many people argue that there is no such thing as ghosts and as amazing as it would be to have a late father visit an unborn baby, it's simply not logically possible. They argue that it's just an illusion occurring by the way the ultrasound is picking up the image and sending it to the monitor.

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By putting the photos side-by-side of Charles holding her other daughter and the ultrasound scan, the 'coincidence' is certainly suspicious as we usually don't see human head forms on ultrasound scans other than that of the baby/babies.

Whether or not it was actually her father's ghost in the photos or just a coincidence is unknown but the thought has brought the mom/mom-to-be a lot of comfort thinking her father is watching over this baby also. Carrillo has been sad that her father would never meet her newest baby but thinking that he came for a visit has eased a lot of her grief.

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