Pregnant Woman Hunts For Baby Daddy By Graffiti-ing An Entire Town

A pregnant woman started trying to communicate with the father of her child by tagging the town.

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One mother obviously lost contact with her baby daddy and she is desperately trying to get ahold of him before her baby is born. He is either ignoring her, or he has blocked her from all forms of communication. That wasn't going to stop her from trying to find him and persuade him to talk to her. The woman started spray painting places around Frankston, a Melbourne Suburb.  She wrote, “Chris, you need to talk to me before the baby is born or don’t bother after!” Shortly after the first tag appeared she continued spray painting different parts around the community.

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The woman was tagging everything and there was nothing off-limits. She was spray painting anything that she could.  People started taking pictures of the graffiti and sharing it with "Snap Send Solve." Snap Send Solve is an app that people can use to report maintenance issues. Many people wanted to make the tagging go viral because the residents were upset by the careless vandalism of some pregnant woman.

The woman was finally identified as a 36-year-old woman who was 30 weeks pregnant. She was arrested and charged with criminal damage, wilful damage, graffiti and committing an indictable offense while on bail. The news spread quickly and people started having to comment on the current news situation. One person commented on the story by saying, "Chris is probably a smart man." Another person suggested that with each of her tagging she should have also done a countdown on how many days he had left to contact her. Many people were jokingly saying that "they needed answers." They all really wanted to figure out who Chris was, if the baby was actually his, if he ever contacted her and if she has had the baby yet. Everybody in Frankston felt like they were part of their story now.

In the end, we didn't get to learn about the outcome, but if anybody knows we would love to hear! We don't know if Chris ever contacted her about the baby. We would love to get an update to figure out how this all went down!

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