Pregnant Woman Has Leg Amputated To Save Her Unborn Baby After Car Crash

A life-changing event can be defined as anything, really. It's not just about becoming a parent or getting married. Some life-changing events are less wonderful and more tragic. This can include a crime against you or your family, the diagnosis of a disease, or a natural disaster. Such an event can linger in the memories on you and your family that may or may not be permanent.

In the case of 29-year-old Caitlin Conner, it was a devastating motorcycle crash that would change her life forever. She was riding on a motorcycle with her then-husband, Jaylon when a texting driver hit them after changing lanes without looking. Conner was soon rushed to the hospital with multiple serious injuries such as broken bones in her feet, friction burns, and a severed artery.

Connor's most notable injury from the crash, however, was a mangled left leg. What seemed like just another major injury took a turn for the precarious when a nurse later told her that she was four weeks pregnant. Because of this new wrench, doctors would have to proceed with minimal anesthesia and pain medication during surgeries that would save her leg. Knowing the toll that this would have on both her and her baby, Connor decided to have her left leg amputated below the knee after two weeks and six surgeries.

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This decision ultimately proved to save both their lives. But it was far from an easy journey. Connor admitted that learning to walk with a prosthetic leg was difficult for a couple of reasons. Namely, her weight fluctuating and her spine negatively affecting her balance when walking on it. She said her goal was to learn how to walk before her baby was born- and she did it. Connor gave birth to a healthy baby girl on February 13th, 2015. Her daughter's name is Tinley, and she weighed a healthy eight pounds and eight ounces when she was born.

Today, Connor isn't just a devote mother. She's also a competitive para-athlete who's taken up boxing, cycling, figure skating, skiing, swimming, and triathlons at one point or another. She even founded a non-profit organization called Be More Adaptive. Their mission is to provide vital resources for adaptive sports. Through all of her actions, she hopes to inspire individuals to try anything.

"The best thing you can do in life is try!" Conner said. "I was so complacent in life before and it shouldn't have taken the losses it did to start living life."

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