Pregnant Woman Pepper-Sprayed & Tackled To The Ground By Multiple Officers In Hong Kong

As you may have already heard, the Hong Kong protests continue to rage on with seemingly no end in sight. The tensions between Hong Kong and China are as high as ever before, with neither side willing to give an inch. These protests have killed and injured many innocent people who are trying to support their side of the argument.

Once again, we've seen yet another instance of the latter taking place. A video from the Hong Kong protests has gone viral, which shows a pregnant woman being pepper-sprayed and then taken to the ground by multiple officers. This horrific act of what many are calling police brutality was captured by leading activist Joshua Wong to show just how bad things are becoming.

"Our society has been pushed to the brink of a total breakdown," Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung revealed in a news briefing that took place earlier this week.

via Daily Mail


The video was said to take place in Hung Hom, Hong Kong at about 10AM local time. It shows the unidentified pregnant woman being pepper-sprayed, which causes her to look away from the officer. But despite this, she continued to argue with the offending officer, who has also not been identified. The woman then hits another officer, which results in her being pepper-sprayed again. The second officer dragged the woman by the back towards more officers. All of them proceeded to tackle her to the ground in a violent manner.

While this is clearly a disturbing incident, it's far from a one-off. Since these protests have begun, one man was shot point-blank by police officers, losing a kidney and part of his liver in the process. Meanwhile, another man was set on fire after being covered in petrol in a horrific act that was actually caught on video. Both unnamed individuals are said to be in critical condition at this time.

Over 3300 protestors have been arrested, over 4000 have been injured and 10 have died since this ordeal began back in March of 2019. While the protestors have been successful in certain aspects (i.e. the original bill being protested is no longer happening), it doesn't appear that the Hong Kong protests will be over anytime soon. Our thoughts are with those who've been injured or killed during this tumultuous time.

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