Pregnant Woman Suffers Stroke Right Before Due Date: Mom And Baby Survive!

A woman who was nine months pregnant had a stroke. Her doctor not only saved her lifed but also saved her baby's life! Mom is expected to make a full recovery.


Vivian Dos Santos was nine months pregnant. She was feeling very well and then had a massive headache. Her headache was so bad that she lost consciousness. Vivian's husband, Heberton Santos, took her to Sutter Davis Hospital emergency department after his wife had passed out. They were both concerned that it was something wrong with the baby. They were happy to find out it was nothing wrong with the baby, but it was a serious issue with Vivian.

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The medical staff in the emergency department started doing tests to see if they could figure out the cause of her severe headache and her loss of consciousness. The doctors found an internal brain bleed that was caused by an aneurysm. The doctor knew that they couldn't treat Vivian while she was pregnant. They didn't want to have to worry about the baby during the surgery.


Neurosurgeon Dr. Rudolph Schrot with Sutter Medical Center said that he didn't want to do a surgery because then he would be worrying about two patients instead of just one. The family decided to do an emergency c-section. Vivian first underwent her c-section surgery where her daughter, Stella, was born. She was perfectly healthy and looked beautiful. Vivian was very close to her due date so the doctors weren't too concerned about the health of the baby. Vivian and baby were then airlifted to Sutter Medical Center where they were able to stop the brain bleeding.

Heberton was terrified as he watched his wife and his new baby get onto a helicopter. He knew they were in good hands, but Vivian was not in a good state when she was being lifted out. Heberton was also really sad that his new daughter was being taken away from him, but he knew that the baby needed to be with mom. Vivian got through surgery and she is expected to make a full recovery!

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