Pregnant Women Listen Up! Here's 15 Signs He's Cheating

There is nothing worse than being cheated on. Often times, women turn a blind eye to the obvious signs that her man is being unfaithful. Maybe they know deep down that they should be suspicious but don’t want to believe that their partner could hurt them so deeply. Pregnant ladies are especially vulnerable because of their changing bodies and hormonal surges. Most men are decent human beings who stay true to their wives while they are expecting. Yet, there are those weak men that stray.

How do you know if your mate is being faithful to you? There are obvious signs that point to infidelity and sometimes you just have to pay attention to your man’s schedule. Is he suddenly absent? If you find yourself alone both physically and emotionally, it may be time to look for other clues. Most of the time, the answer is right in your face but you might not want to see it. When you know what to look for, it can be easy to sniff out a cheater. You deserve better so the sooner you catch him, the better.

Watch his body language and keep track of his emotions. Men communicate dishonesty in many different ways. From his tone of voice to his ability to hold your gaze, his mannerisms could offer huge clues into what he may or may not be hiding from you. I’ve compiled a list of what to look out for. Pregnant Women Listen up! Here are 15 Signs He’s Cheating.

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15 He Smells Like Someone Else's Perfume


One sign that your man is cheating on you is if you smell a perfume on him that is not your signature fragrance. He would have to get pretty up close and personal to another woman for her perfume to actually permeate and then linger on his clothes. If he walks into the house and an unfamiliar scent follows him inside, be suspicious.

Also be on the lookout for other obvious signs on his person that he’s been with another woman. One of the most glaring examples if you discover lipstick on his collar. Perhaps you find a lock of hair that is not yours on his clothes when you’re doing laundry. Another recognizable sign of infertility would be if he had a hickey on his body that didn’t come from your lips. This all sounds like obvious evidence but it’s all too easy to be blinded to overt clues.

14 He Suddenly Starts Working Late


If your partner suddenly has a change in his work schedule and he has to work late more often, he might be using that time to meet up with another woman. Of course, work schedules can legitimately change without that being the case. Yet, if your man shows up at home later and later, you have every right to be skeptical.

Another sign of possible infidelity might be if your mate’s job changes so that he has to work late into the night or even all night. If you find yourself going to bed alone while your man is still clocking in work time, he may be up to no good. Maybe he gets a random call from work that requires him leaving the house immediately and it keeps him out at all hours. Sudden business trips that require him to travel out of town might be suspicious as well.

13 He Goes To The Gym More Often


Maybe your man starts taking more of an interest in how he looks. He spends more time at the gym and seems to have a new muscle popping up everyday. If your frumpy guy suddenly gets ripped then he might be cheating on you. Chances are that he’s not doing all that hard work to impress yours truly. As a matter of fact, it’s not just a new found interest in lifting weights that can give away his infidelity. Any kind of drastic change in grooming habits can be a sign.

Did he change his hair style recently? Has his clothing tastes done a 180 from jeans and a t-shirt to dress pants and a button up? Is he wearing a new expensive cologne instead of smelling like his deodorant? Has he cut back on drinking beers with the guys and his beer belly is shrinking? If so, he may be messing around.

12 He's On His Phone All The Time


If every time you look up your partner is texting away on his device, then he could be doing some shady lady business. It’s even more questionable if he spends a lot of time in the bathroom or closed bedroom door while on his phone. Sure, lots of guys play game and Apps on their hand held but if he just can’t put it down, be wary of what he’s up too.

Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night to see him staring into the glow of his screen with his back turned. Perhaps he’ll pick up his phone while you’re out on a date together or even in the middle of a conversation with you. If you find yourself competing for his attention from his phone, then he might be cheating on you. Another obvious hint is if he hides his phone when you enter the room.

11 He Stops Noticing


Does your man seem to not notice you anymore? Is the spark gone and he’s lost interest in being intimate with you? If you feel invisible to your partner, he might be fooling around. Many men who are cheating back off from giving affection to their significant other. Do you find yourself feeling desperate to get his attention? Are you the one doing all the work to keep your sex life alive?

If you slip on your sexiest lingerie and light candles only to have him walk right past you to brush his teeth and get ready for bed, that’s a bad sign. If you roll over in the middle of the night to snuggle and slips away from your touch, he’s more than likely up to no good. Maybe he’s getting his lovin’ somewhere else or he’s feeling guilty that he’s strayed from you. Either way, neglect is a huge warning sign.

10 Friends Drop Hints And Clues


If your friends, family, or co-workers start dropping hints that your partner is being unfaithful, take it to heart. Perhaps a colleague saw your man at a bar, acting sketchy with another woman. Maybe your best friend busted him at dinner with a mystery lady when he told you that he had to work late. If your mom has a bad feeling about him, she may know something about him that you don’t.

Many women don’t want to believe that their mate is cheating on them and go into denial, even breaking up friendships to defend their man. He’s not worth it if he really is guilty. Most of the time our friends and family have our best interest in mind and are only trying to protect you from being hurt. So, listen up if the people close to start whispering in your ear that they suspect that your man is cheating.

9 He Showers Before Bed


Another clue that your man is seeing another woman is if he insists on showering before he goes to bed. More than likely, he trying to wash off the scent of his mistress. Sometimes a cheater just feels downright dirty for their shameful deeds and bathing is an attempt to cleanse themselves from their guilt. It’s even more suspicious if he walks into the door from work or a night out and jumps into the shower the moment he gets home.

If he is always popping a mint into his mouth when he first sees you or he smells strongly of cologne, he’s trying to cover up any lingering evidence that he’s been with another woman. If he instantly changes his clothes or shows up at home in completely different clothes but makes up some lame excuse, don’t look the other way. This is a glaring sign that he’s being unfaithful.

8 He Gives Guilt Gifts


On the opposite end of the spectrum, another sign of infidelity is if your partner suddenly lavishes you with expensive gifts. Maybe he gets you jewelry and there is no occasion to celebrate. Perhaps he offers to take you shopping and spends an exorbitant amount of money during the shopping spree. If he gives you trinkets and bobbles out of the blue, he may be feeling guilty for cheating on you.

It’s not just gifts either. If begins to ingratiate you on little things, like letting you pick the television show that you watch together when he normally has to be in charge of the remote control. It may be that he unexpectedly takes you out to dinner and lets you pick the restaurant when normally, the two of you bicker about where to eat. He could be trying to make up for the fact that he’s fooling around on you.

7 He Befriends A Female Co-worker


You may want to be suspicious if your significant other befriends a female co-worker. Be even more wary if she’s attractive and seems to overstep her bounds. Do they have inside jokes together? Does he ramble on and on about her? Will he do extra little things for her when he won’t do the tiniest things you ask him to do? If so, he may be in a relationship with her.

He could be secretive about a certain lady at work. Maybe they avoid talking to each other at the company Christmas party but you catch them making eyes at one another. If other co-workers talk about their “friendship” in front of you, be aware of their body language during the conversation. Sure, people of the opposite sex can strike a friendship and bonding over their careers may be innocent keep a close eye on any lady friends that come calling.

6 He Goes Out More


It’s Friday night and you find yourself alone on the couch, binge watching a show on Netflix while your man is out on the town without you. If he insists on making plans that don’t include you, it’s time to pay attention. Maybe he claims to be having a “guys’ night” but you see a post on social media with his friends at a bar and he’s not in the picture. Perhaps he calls you right after work to tell you that he’s going out and not to wait up for him.

Chances are, he’s running around with another woman. He may make up any excuse to be away on a weeknight or make plans in advance for the weekend without telling you until the last minute. If he breaks plans with you often and with little explanation, then he could very easily be spending that time cheating on you with some hussy.

5 He Picks Fights


A guy who is guilty of cheating may pick fights. If he starts acting like a jerk out of the blue, he may be trying to make you mad enough to break up with him. Guys that pull this move are heartless cowards that don’t deserve you anyway. If he’s a big enough loser to not only cheat on you but then push you away, you’re better off without him. Be on the lookout if your mate suddenly starts lashing out at you for no reason.

Another clue is if he pulls away all together and shuts down any conversation with you during an argument. He could be disengaging because his being unfaithful. If you start fighting over stupid things and can’t seem to get along, be suspicious of his motives. He could have one foot out the door and is just waiting for you to give him the final push.

4 He Acts Guilty


A guilty conscious can be a sign that your man is hiding something from you. Does he seem sullen and withdrawn out of nowhere? Can he not look you in the eye? Is crying or acting down around you? He might just be cheating. If the two of used to connect really well and all of a sudden, he is pulling away from you, that’s a bad sign as well. A man who is being unfaithful knows that he’s making the wrong choice and chances are, he’ll eventually feel somewhat bad about it.

So, be on the lookout of he starts to act sheepish when you tell him that you love him. Maybe he’ll come home late and avoid making eye contact when he tells you all about his night. If he’s lying to you, it might just show up in his facial expressions or a guilty tone in his voice.

3 He's Secretive With His Technology

If your mate won’t let you look at his phone or gets mad when you look over his shoulder, he’s probably cheating. He might suddenly become very protective of all of his technology. He shuts down his computer when you walk by, changes the screen when you enter the room, or slips his Ipad under the pillow when you crawl into bed to go to sleep at night.

Perhaps he changes his passwords or you even discover a whole other cell phone he uses to call his mistress. Any of these signs could be a clue that he is being unfaithful. Also be on the lookout if he suddenly gives you open access to his phone. He could be trying to distract you from his other forms of technology. Either way, keep a close watch on his behavior around his precious devices. Those things hold a lot of evidence.

2 He Loses Track Of Details


Cheaters lose track of details and and often have to squirm their way out of sticky situations. Does his intricate story suddenly change? Did he say he was going to be in one place but it slips out that he was actually at a different location altogether? If he claims to be with friends and forgets the particulars about who he told you he was with, chances are that your man is up to no good.

Are his stories elaborate and does he offer up too many specifics? He may be pulling the wool over your eyes. Sometimes you may catch him in a lie with his friends in a casual conversation. Did he tell you he was visiting his grandma but you just happen to know that she plays Bingo on Friday nights? Losing track of his story is a sign that he’s hiding spending time with another woman.

1 A Gut Feeling


Woman’s intuition can often sniff out a philandering man. If you just get that gut feeling that he’s cheating on you, listen to your instincts. The truth is, no one knows your mate better than you. As his partner, you know his habits and personality traits. If there’s just something different about him that you can’t quite put your finger on, he might be cheating on you.

Women need to trust themselves and honor their sixth sense when it comes to their relationship. Don’t overlook any strange feelings you may be picking up from your man. Chances are, you know in your heart if he’s stepping out on you. Open your eyes and take heed of the obvious signs. Don’t ignore your suspicions and follow any hunch you may have. It’s all too easy to talk yourself out of accepting infidelity and sometimes you just have to call him out on it.

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