10 Things Pregnant Women Can Enjoy During Autumn

While some treasure their journey of pregnancy as a precious, life-changing adventure, others barely tolerate it, complaining of the limiting factors of their changing body. With the beautiful season of Autumn coming up, there are plenty of enjoyable activities for all the pregnant ladies out there. Although there won’t be jumping into leaf piles this year, there’s no reason to let your pregnant belly keep you away from all the fun! In fact, you can take your baby on some nice adventures before he or she is even born. Today, we’ll be looking at ten great things that pregnant women can add to their to-do list for the upcoming fall!

10 The Changing Colors Of Nature

One of the most iconic indicators that fall has arrived is the changing of the leaves. Before you have a chance to take in the dropping temperatures, the once lush green leaves will be turning into a flurry of gold, yellow, red, and orange, providing a picturesque view of nature.

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One of the best ways to relax and nurture your growing baby in peace is to sit back and enjoy the artwork being created all around you. Grab a fresh glass of orange juice, which is great for pregnant ladies, by the way, and get comfy on that old rocking chair on the porch to enjoy the view!

9 Walks In The Brisk Outdoor Air

Taking frequent walks is definitely one of the most recommended activities by doctors specializing in prenatal wellness. Walks are supposed to provide an easier labor process, prevent excess weight gain, and keep your heart and lungs in tip-top shape throughout your pregnancy! There’s no better way to enjoy autumn than by taking some walks in the nice, brisk air. Not only will the fresh air do both you and the baby some good, but you’ll also find that the temperature will be a pleasant one almost any time of day, depending on where you live. You can enjoy early morning walks after lunch wanders, and even late-night strolls.

8 Autumn Baby Clothes

For many moms, one of their favorite pastimes during their pregnancy is to shop for baby clothes! Whether you already know the gender or are still are in the dark, the fall season provides tons of adorable outfits for both baby girls and boys alike! Furthermore, holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving only add to the clothing fun.

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You can find anything from mini turkey claw booties to ghost nighties for your little one. It doesn’t matter if your baby will actually be born in the fall, for these cute costumes will be just as adorable at any other time of year. Grab your significant other (or a few girlfriends) and hit the mall for some autumn baby outfits!

7 Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

As one of the most popular treats of the autumn season, I think quite a few ladies on here will be relieved to hear that the famous pumpkin spice latte is perfectly safe for pregnant women! In fact, it only contains 75 mg of caffeine, which falls far below the recommended limit of 200 mg. Furthermore, pumpkins are actually very nutritious for pregnant women, so don’t be afraid to throw in a piece or two of pumpkin bread with your latte. If you’re into it, you can also eat a few pieces of roasted pumpkin for a more natural, healthy, and nutritious snack.

6 Autumn Cooking Or Baking

As the season of harvest, a plethora of fresh, delicious produce will be available during Autumn, so there’s no better time to sharpen up those cooking skills! From simple dishes like roasted sweet potatoes to masterpieces such as the cheesy corn casserole, the possibilities are endless. Grab your S.O. and learn to make a few dishes together! Most of the produce being harvested in the fall are also super tasty and great for your growing baby. After the nutritious and delightful main courses, be sure to check out the famous autumn dessert recipes! You’ll fall in love with the iconic pumpkin pie and maybe even discover something brand new! We personally like the sound of a caramel-pecan cheesecake pie.

5 Fall Sales!

As summer ends, most stores are dying to purge their shelves of swimsuits, short-sleeved shirts, skirts, and sandals, making the start of autumn the perfect time to go shopping! Of course, you should skip out on the busy, potentially dangerous crowd-attracting stores and choose a quiet time to leisurely shop to your heart's content.

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Whether you’re alone with your baby or with a few girlfriends, you’ll be sure to enjoy the time and haul in some great deals! Furthermore, boot season definitely calls for a couple of trips to the mall, and the plentiful autumn sales will guarantee that you can find some new fits for your changing body.

4 Autumn Decorations For Your Nursery

Another exciting aspect for soon-to-be parents is decorating their baby’s room, of course! Take advantage of the sales and the abundance of decorations available to add some fall twists to your baby’s nursery. The activity will also serve as a great bonding opportunity for you and your partner before your little one’s arrival. You can shop for Halloween-specific decors, or focus on fall colors as a whole. Either way, your nursery will surely be more beautiful after this season! You can also start a collection of decorations from all four seasons to change throughout the year, beginning with some stick-on ghosties and gold leaves!

3 Harvest Festivals!

Harvest festivals have been around for thousands of years, dating back to the time agriculture was invented! People all over the world love to celebrate their hard work and harvest, so you can find a festival near you no matter where you are! Although pregnant women should definitely skip out on jarring rides and dangerous fair games, there’s no reason to stay home from all the fun. Grab your partner, dress up in some loose overalls, and head over to the nearest harvest festival to sightsee and sample all the produce! Certain festivals are especially gorgeous at night, where thousands of lanterns are released into the sky for a heart-stopping show of beauty.

2 DIY Halloween Costumes

If you have a baby bump near Halloween, it’s definitely a great idea to take advantage of the situation and dress up in some hilarious and adorable costumes featuring your baby. You can find tons of sewing and craft ideas online for all sorts of pregnancy costumes, and it certainly is a great way to enjoy the fall on a day where you don’t feel like going out. Even if you decide to stay home on Halloween, dressing up to hand out candy will be very fun for both you and the kids! Take it to the next level and make a matching costume for your partner for the ultimate family experience before your baby is even born!

1 Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Although it’s generally not a great idea for pregnant ladies to mess with sharp things, an exception can certainly be made for pumpkin carving. Just make sure you’re using the correct supplies, and ask your partner to handle the heavy-duty cuts. The innards can be used for a nice pumpkin pie, and the seeds can be roasted as a delicious and nutritious snack. There’s nothing better to represent some fall fun than a well-carved pumpkin lantern on Halloween night. Whether you choose to make your pumpkin scary or adorable, the kids will love it and it’ll be a wonderful bonding opportunity for the family.

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