Premature Baby Born Just Over 1lbs Is Beating Odds!

Emily Cressey came into the world in a very teeny tiny package. She was born on Feb 27 and 16 weeks premature weighing at just over 1lbs. This week Emily's family is celebrating another great milestone!

Emily is finally drinking out of a bottle. For some moms this could become just another task that babies need but for Emily's mom, this is a miracle and a dream come true. Mrs. Cressey shared her daughters triumphs on social media saying “It was the most beautiful moment, most mothers take that for granted, even get fed-up with doing it, not me." “To hold Emily with a bottle, her tubes seemed to vanish and the moment became real, gazing down at my baby watching her feed felt so right and I’m so thankful at the same time.”

Emily has 3 loving siblings - Caitlin, Millie and Brooke and of course a loving father Alan Coultras. Every week the family takes the time to celebrate Emily's triumphs and milestones with cake and candles! Emily now weighs 3lbs 15oz. A bit more to go but she is on the right track!

Congrats Cressey Coultras Family! 

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