10 Things To Know About Taking Prenatal Vitamins

When you find out that you're pregnant your life instantly changes. Now you have to look out for not just yourself since you are carrying a little one. One thing that pregnant women take is prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are exceptional when it comes to getting all the nutrients a woman needs to help her little one develop. But even though you might be taking prenatal vitamins right now you might not know a lot about them and if you taking something every day you are going to want to know what it does to your body. So keep reading to discover ten things you need to know about taking prenatal vitamins.

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10 They Come In Different Forms

Prenatal vitamins are a necessity for any woman who is expecting. But what you might not know is that they can come in different forms for you to take them. Some of the prenatal vitamins are chewable while others are liquid that you have to swallow. 

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So if you are not good at swallowing pills whole then you do not have to worry about trying to force them down. Instead, take your time when you are picking them out to find the chewable version to take for you and your baby.

9 Women Take Them Even If They Are Not Pregnant

There are many beliefs that a woman takes a prenatal vitamin that they get stronger nails and longer hair because of them. Though those rumors are not proven true, many women still take prenatal vitamins even if they are not pregnant to get all the nutrients they need for the day. We applaud those women who take them just to take care of their bodies and give their bodies what they need, even if they are not expecting! So don’t be surprised if you see non-pregnant women buying prenatal vitamins when you are at the drugstore.

8 Even If You Eat Healthy You Want To Take Them

Once a woman finds out she is pregnant she typically starts eating healthier to make sure they are eating right for the baby to develop. Even if you are making sure what you eat are whole foods and healthy you still want to take prenatal vitamins. 

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This is because the prenatal vitamins are made to make sure pregnant women are getting all the nutrients they need for them and the baby. And even if you are eating healthy it can be hard to get all of the right nutrients in your meals alone.

7 Drink Plenty Of Fluids When On Them

Many people believe that if you are taking a prenatal vitamin then you are going to want to drink a lot of fluids throughout the day. This is because several people think that drinking plenty of fluids will help get the vitamins into your bloodstream faster. The vitamins women take while pregnant are there to help you develop a strong, healthy baby, but you have to make sure it is getting into your body and system for them to work. So make sure you always have a water bottle on you to make sure you are getting the fluids you need to make your body work.

6 You Might Be Taking Them Even After Your Baby Arrives

We mentioned before that women who are not even expecting can take prenatal vitamins, but many times after a baby is born you are still going to want to take them. Since prenatal vitamins provide you all of the nutrients you need for your body, many women still take them after the baby arrives for their breast milk. 

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Breast milk will contain whatever you put into your body and if you are not eating healthy then your breast milk can be lacking in the vitamins your baby will need to grow and develop.

5 They Are A Combination Of Vitamins And Minerals

Even though you are taking prenatal vitamins you might not know what is in them. Prenatal vitamins are a combination of vitamins and minerals to help with your and the baby’s health and development. The vitamins and minerals in them are there to help you get to the recommended percent your body should be getting every day. Some of these vitamins and minerals are zinc, vitamin C, folic acid, and other chemicals your body needs. Women take them because they are not getting all of the nutrients they need by what they are eating.

4 There Can Be Side Effects

Just like any medication or pills you take, prenatal vitamins can have some side effects. If you read the back of the bottle of your prenatal vitamins you can see that they might cause nausea, constipation, or even diarrhea. 

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Though side effects can affect each woman who takes them differently, you are going to want to take note of any side effects you might have. If you are experiencing any side effects make sure you talk to your doctor so they can recommend a different brand that might not cause you side effects.

3 They Can Prevent Developmental Problems

There are many reasons why women take prenatal vitamins when they are expecting. One reason is to help the baby grow and get the nutrients they need to develop in the mother’s womb. But taking prenatal vitamins can do more than just providing nutrients for your little one, prenatal vitamins can even help prevent development problems. According to CDC.gov, prenatal vitamins can help lower the risk of a baby getting major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spine. Remember to take your prenatal vitamins every day to help you develop a healthy baby.

2 Tell Your Doctor What You Are Taking

There are so many different brands of prenatal vitamins out in the market and because of this some women might have to take multiple vitamins to get all that they need. The best thing for you to do is to stick with one brand of prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy and tell your doctor exactly what you are taking. 

Your doctor is going to want to know what prenatal vitamins you are taking to add to your recommends they can reference them. And sticking to one brand of vitamins throughout your pregnancy is going to make it easier for you and your doctor to keep track of what you are putting into your body.

1 Many Are Over The Counter

Though you can get prescribed a prenatal vitamin if you and your doctor thinks it is best for you in the baby, many of the prenatal vitamins on the market are over the counter you can buy from any major drugstore. This is to make the cost of prenatal vitamins affordable for families who might not have great health insurance coverage still be able to get what they need for their baby. Additionally, many women find out they are pregnant before they even go to the doctors, so over the counter vitamins allow you to start taking them instantly instead of waiting weeks to go see a doctor.

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