This Prenuptial Agreement Requires Woman To Lose All Weight Gained During Pregnancy

One woman has turned to Reddit to get some legal advice about a prenuptial agreement that requires her to lose at least 30 pounds in the first year following childbirth.

Prenups are always a touchy subject, but according to Reddit user u/katintheAM, she understood that when her husband-to-be—who is a neurosurgeon in Manhatten— told her she had to sign a legal document, it wasn't surprising. What was unexpected, however, were some of the crazy clauses included in the prenup.


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"My fiance put a few odd clauses in our prenup, such as an infidelity clause so if I cheat on him, I walk away with basically nothing," writes the Redditor in a slightly edited thread. "Along with that, he put in a clause that stated that I have to lose any weight I gain after childbirth, at least 30lbs of it in the first year following childbirth; the oddest of them all to me is the compensation for children clause."

According to u/katintheAM, her fiance's father is a lawyer and walked her through each section of the contract, but she felt like something was strange by these requests. That's when she turned to Reddit for some legal advice, and she got a lot a lot of responses on r/legaladvice.

While there were a lot of users telling the concerned bride-to-be to ditch her man, the moderators were quick to say they'll boot anyone offering relationship advice over legal. The most prominent response was for her to get her own lawyer, which is smart. Unfortunately, her fiance's father is not looking out for his daughter-in-law's best interests, and getting some help from a third party could ensure she's protected properly.

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Now that we've gotten the legal portion out of the way, there is the matter of the weight clause. According to WebMD, the average person gains around 25 to 35 pounds while carrying. As a rule of thumb, expecting mothers will gain around two to four pounds in the first three months, then gain a pound every week following. That's if you're not expecting twins, which will obviously skew those numbers quite a bit.

Interestingly enough, fathers generally gain weight following the birth of a child too. According to a study from North Western University, first-time dads gain around four and a half pounds and their body mass index jumps over two percent. This is mostly attributed to a lack of sleep that comes with having a new baby.

With all that in mind, it's pretty strange to add a weight-loss clause in the contract. Sure, keeping up your physical appearance is important for both individuals in a relationship, but there's something icky about making it a legal. Hopefully, u/katintheAM has the means to lawyer up to legally protect herself from what appears to be some interesting demands.


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