Pretty Baby Girl Names That Will Be All The Rage In 2020

There are so many baby name categories for new parents to pick from. There the monikers that are considered classics that some might find overused but others feel comforted by. There are names based on flowers, nature, popular culture, and even cities or countries. And then there are the baby names that are super trendy.

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With Halloween over and the year winding down, it's time to take a look at the names that will appeal to parents who are having a baby girl next year. Many people believe that these trending baby names will be used quite a lot. Here are 10 pretty baby girl names that will be all the rage in 2020.

10 Billie

Metro.co.uk put Billie on their list of 2020 baby names. While of course Billy is a well-known and popular boy name, Billie is a gorgeous, lovely name for a baby girl. It's easy to see why this is thought to be a trending name. Sometimes, if parents are super stuck and they're not sure about a list of names, changing the spelling could also alter their decision. There's something special about the spelling of Billie that gives it a cool vibe.

According to Nameberry, Billie means "resolute protection." That feels like yet another reason to choose it for your baby girl who will be born in 2020. Every parent wants to protect their little one, right?

9 Adalee

Good Housekeeping says that Adalee is a baby girl name that will be trending in 2020. This is definitely a different choice and it sounds so pretty.

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Nameberry says that the name means "noble one" and "noble, nobility." It's not only a really pretty baby girl name that seems like it will be all the rage in 2020 but it lends itself well to a great nickname. You can call your daughter Lee for short, or even Ada if you like that better.

8 Jasmine

Jasmine has been mentioned as a big baby girl name for 2020 by many different publications. Aladdin is the reason why this name has moved to the top of people's lists.

This is a great name for pop culture fans and Disney fans in particular. It also works for anyone who wants a baby girl name that is pretty and also trendy. Sometimes it's nice to feel like you have your finger on the pulse of what's going on. You can definitely expect to see some baby girls getting the beautiful name Jasmine next year.

7 Millie

The Sun included Millie as a baby girl name that is going to be trendy in 2020. Millie sounds like a sweet, calm person that everyone would want to be friends with, as the name just has such a positive feeling to it.

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According to Nameberrythe name Millie comes from Millicent, and that is a German name means "strong work." Every parent wants their child to have an awesome work ethic and try hard so that seems like a really wonderful reason to pick this pretty baby girl name.

6 Oaklynn

Good Housekeeping put Oaklynn on their list of baby names that will be used a lot in 2020. This isn't your average name, that's for sure, so it's cool that a trendy name can also be so compelling and different.

You could call your little girl by Lynn for short, but Oaklynn is such a gorgeous name that you're probably going to want to use the full form all the time.

5 Ivy

Ivy is another name parents are said to choose for their baby girls in 2020. It's definitely a beautiful baby girl name and the website notes that this is due to the popularity of Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy.

It's easy to see that this would be a really great name to pick for a baby girl, so anyone who will become a parent next year should definitely keep this in mind. Since Ivy brings to mind the beautiful green ivy that sometimes covers old brick houses, especially in the countryside, this is such a lovely name.

4 Camila

baby girl

According to Parade, Camila is a baby girl name that will be popular in 2020. We can see this happening for sure because it's got such a beautiful ring to it. Parents.com mentions the history behind this name: "Spanish and Portuguese form of Camilla, associated with the Old Roman family name, Camillus."

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If you're looking for a baby girl name for next year and want one that is full of beauty, you will do well with Camila.

3 Ariana

Thanks to the popularity of singer Ariana Grande, many people feel that Ariana is going to be a big name in 2020.

It's an interesting name that is also really pretty, so we think that it will absolutely be all the rage next year.

2 Maisie

The Sun also thinks that Maisie will be big in 2020, mostly due to Maisie Williams, the actress who is best known for her role on Game Of Thrones.

This makes a lot of sense since, of course, the popular HBO drama just ended its run, and many people are still upset over the way that it finished up. It could be a nice tribute to a beloved TV series. Maisie is a perfect baby girl name as it's both beautiful and cool. And even though it's said to top the charts of baby girl names in 2020, there's something about it that doesn't feel too common or overused.

1 Winter

According to Parade, Winter is a baby girl name that will do really well in 2020. As the publication says, "Singer Alanis Morisette’s unique son’s name, Winter Mercy, who was born in August 2019, could have something to do with the up-and-coming popularity of this baby name for girls."

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Once we get past the freezing cold temperatures and stay inside, we can appreciate the beauty and peace of the winter season. You get to curl up by the fire, make coffee or hot chocolate, and appreciate how warm and cozy it is. It's no wonder that Winter makes such a beautiful baby girl name.

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