10 Pretty Girls' Names That End In "Y"

A name is a very important thing. It sort of defines and sets expectations for a baby. So, choosing a name is an important job for parents everywhere. You choose a name because you like the sound of it. But you also choose a name to suit your baby's character and personality.

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Names ending in "Y" have a soft and girly feel to them. They also have a happy and friendly vibe. From pretty Emily and Hailey to whimsical Poppy and Daisy, here are 10 very pretty little girl names for you to consider. Some are modern. Some are retro. Who knows, one might be just what you are looking for.

10 Abbey

Abbeys are their father's joy, literally. In fact, they are just a delight and a joy to everyone. Abbey can be Abby, Abbie, Abi, or Abigail. Abbeys are happy and uncomplicated girls, who often have happy dispositions and a hands-on approach to life.

Abbeys are almost always people-people who seek companionship and friendship as a priority. And we should mention that they make excellent friends. Abbey could be just the ticket for your little bundle of joy. While it's a popular name, you don't run into it every day.

9 Mary

Marys are children who are wished for and loved. You may not know it, but Mary was originally a Hebrew name. Marys are sweet by disposition and have charming personalities. Plus, it's good to know that Mary has the benefit of being an old-fashioned name with staying power. It will never go out of fashion.

Famous Marys include actress Mary Tyler Moore and singer Mary J. Blige. Mary is a great name for your very own little angel. Mary, Mary never contrary, how does your garden grow?

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8 Candy

Sugar, sugar-sweet Candy is a great, slightly whimsical name for your little girl. Candy implies bright white, purity, and joy. Pick Candy as the name for your baby and your friends and family will love your choice. We guarantee it.

Candy is the diminutive of the more formal Candice. Candice sounds posh. Candy makes you smile. We like plain old Candy. Candy is sweet. Candy is a joy. Candy is your little bundle of happiness. Life will be more fun with Candy around. But you know that already.

7 Ashley

Believe it or not, but Ashley started life in England as a boy's name. Now it is almost exclusively used for little girls. You can shorten it to Ash. What a great, friendly nickname that would be! Ashley evokes meadows, woodlands, and the quiet countryside of England.

It is a  peaceful name, a perfect fit for a calm and relaxed little girl who simply gets on with it and does what needs to be done. You can play around with it and go for Ashly, Ashlee, or Ashlie. But we like Ashley with a "Y". It's a little bit different and a whole lot interesting name for your baby girl.

6 Hailey

Hailey is a variation of the plain and simple Haley. It evokes grassy meadows and lush green forests. You might want to call her "Hay" or "Hails" some of the time. She won't mind. Haileys are easy-going and flexible people who go with the flow. You can rely on them. But they don't make a fuss.

It's a sensible enough name, but with a bit of fun to it. We think Hailey is just a great name, period. Hailey Bieber, the model, and Hailey Sani, the YouTube star, are two famous Haileys. Your daughter will grow up thanking you for your choice of Hailey as her first name. She really will.

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5 Poppy

Is there any name on earth that is happier sounding than Poppy? It's one of a whole host of "flower" names that are perennially popular. Poppy is a happy name for a joyful little girl. Poppy's are definitely not grumpy. They are little rays of sunshine. It works a real treat as a first name. It's fashionable enough, but not too fashionable.

No prizes for guessing the obvious. Poppy means a red flower and calls up bright red blooms swaying in the breeze. If your little bundle of joy is a smiler with a joyful disposition, you should definitely consider Poppy as that all-important name.

4 Lily

Like Poppy, Rose, and Jasmine, Lily is an old-fashioned "flower" name. The name totally evokes feelings of innocence, purity, and beauty. Lilys love learning and make super great scholars and teachers. Plus, Lilys tend to want to help people. They are great to have around the house.

Lily can be classed as a retro name. And, as we know, retro names are all the rage. Just look at little Archie Windsor. Old-fashioned is in these days. Model/actress Lily Collins and actress Lily Tomlin are both very famous Lilys.

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3 Emily

Emily is a completely cute name for a little girl. As a breed, Emilys tend to be sensible, practical and hardworking. And you as parents can rest easy choosing the name because it has been around for a while, meaning it has staying power. You can shorten it to Em, Ems or Emi for a cute sounding nickname.

Emily is a great first name. Pair it with a one-syllable middle name like Fay or Anne for a name combination that is a winner. The down to earth and hardworking actress Emily Blunt is a great example of an Emily, we think.

2 Daisy

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer true. I'm half-crazy all for the love of you. As the song lyrics say so well, Daisy is a name of a lovely, kind and happy little girl. Daisy is folksy, a little old-fashioned and totally cool for it. It's another one of those "flower" names that are coming back into fashion.

Model Daisy Lowe and television host and model Daisy Fuentes are excellent examples of happy, upbeat, loyal-to-a-fault and industrious Daisys. It's a name with a happy vibe about it. Daisy, oh Daisy, what a girl you are.

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1 Brandy

Brandy has a celebrity feel about it. Like some Hollywood actress, singer or reality TV star maybe. In fact, there is a singer that goes by the single name of Brandy. The name came out of nowhere in America a while back. It's a little different, totally cool, as well as being fun. Brandys are sociable. Yet, they go their own way and do things their way.

Brandy, the spirit not the name, is a warm brown color. So Brandy would be a great name for you brown-haired girl. Who knows, maybe she will grow up to be famous.

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