Prince Charles Is Excited For His Newest Grandchild (Thanks To Meghan Markle)

Prince Charles, 70, is about to be a grandfather again- but this time, he's seemingly more endearing to the honored title. In essence, he aspires to be a doting grandfather to baby Sussex, and can’t wait to play a central role in his new grandson’s life- a sentiment which wasn't entirely discernible with other baby royals.

According to The Sun, having been excluded from Prince George’s life, Prince Charles was said to have been “cold and distant”, whereas the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents, Carole and Mike Middleton, were “always on hand." It’s feasible that Prince Charles found it easier to remain composed and unaffected rather than ruffle feathers, therefore contributing to this perception of being aloof.


Furthermore, it has been reported that Prince Charles may not have been entirely prepared for his new appointment.  A friend told The Sun, “At the time Prince George was born, Charles was less easy in the role of a grandfather. But now he welcomes each new arrival with a wider grin and even more open arms. He loves the happy chaos of it all.”

It’s also been stated that the future king may have felt oddly threatened by the attention being fawned upon the royal offspring. A friend also explained that Prince Charles presently has a contentment about him that didn't exist ten years ago- and that his resentment has abated. Conversely, Charles now revels in the spotlight on the younger family members, accepting the natural rise and inevitable shift in attention. But first and foremost, Charles wishes to become the grandfather that he never had.


The arrival of Baby Sussex will irrefutably bring plenty of joy to Prince Charles, as he and Meghan Markle have a wonderful connection between them. This fact is more than observable to the world. As a matter of fact, he believes that she's the best thing to ever have happened to son Harry. One family member shared with Vanity Fair that the Duchess has a “lovely relationship” with him.


The palpable turning point in their relationship was allegedly the moment Prince Charles escorted Markle down the aisle at her and Prince Harry's wedding. The insider also expressed that Prince Charles showed them so much love, the day of their wedding. A friend also stated that Charles found the duchess intelligent, hardworking and impressive.

Markle- whose relationship with her own father is well-known to be completely shattered- will instinctively covet Prince Charles in her life for the future of Baby Sussex. This will surely nourish a promising bond within the generations. Prince Charles being captivated with Markle will be elated to spend time with the growing family. After all, the future is about to change for everyone. 

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