Prince Harry Celebrates 1st Father’s Day By Sharing New Photo Of Baby Archie

On Father's Day, Prince Harry shares the sweetest picture of Archie on his Instagram.

Prince Harry was very excited to have his first Father's Day! The couple was able to welcome their very first child last month. They named him Archie and he is just the cutest thing ever. Whenever Harry is caught talking about his sweet son he is beaming. He has fallen into the father role perfectly and he has loved being able to call Archie his son. Prince Harry celebrated his first Father's Day by sharing the sweetest picture on his Instagram and it is making us all swoon.

The picture is in black and white and shows Archie looking directly at the camera while having a firm grasp on his dad's finger. It is the sweetest picture ever. The couple wanted to share their sweet little son and also wanted to wish all of dad's a happy Father's Day!

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The couple has used their Instagram to share a lot of their big news! Their personal Instagrams were used to share when their son was born. Many people were confused about why the couple would announce their son's birth by Instagram, but it is the easiest way these days to spread the news fast. Through their Instagram, we learned that he was born and shortly after we were introduced to his name!

The couple also used their Instagram to show the first time that Archie met the queen and Meghan Markle shared a sweet picture of her and little Archie on her first Mother's Day. Her Mother's Day picture showed her son in a white blanket with her hands grasping the little guy's feet.

We love that his couple keeps us up to date with all of their baby news. They are the cutest parents and we want to see all of the pictures of them with their son Archie. We are excited to watch him grow up and to see him get bigger and bigger. Thank you, Prince Harry, for sharing this wonderful picture on Father's Day. Happy Belated Father's Day to all of those wonderful dad's out there! We appreciate you all!

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