Prince Harry & Meghan Are Already Transitioning Baby Archie Onto Solids

A new report has released a statement suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have been integrating solids into baby Archie's diet. Archie was born in May of 2019 in London, England, and since his birth, Meghan Markle has opened up about the challenges of being a new mother.

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The royal family has a number of high standards that all children (including grandchildren) must adhere to. While Archie does not necessarily hold a title as a prince, expectations still have to be met. Even if Harry and Meghan are adamant that he is raised in a normal household, which is why they've decided on raising him in a castle cottage. Furthermore, reports earlier this year had stated that the royal parents are very hands-on when it comes to taking care of their baby, and don't just rely on the support of the nanny.

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The concept of a down to earth upbringing is not unfamiliar to Prince Harry or Prince William for that matter. This is due to the fact that their late mother, Princess Diana had similar aspirations for how her children would be raised. One of the ways that Harry has incorporated this lifestyle is by omitting a uniform for the nanny.

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Since baby Archie has just only recently turned six months old, it's normal to start introducing new foods to an infant. Although it depends on the individual baby, after surpassing six months, milk and/or formula no longer provides the baby with enough nutrition. It's suggested that any solid food should be prepared as a puree and consist of mostly fruits and vegetables. Some viable options include potatoes, carrots, apples, and pears.

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A chef who had previously worked in the royal household provided some exclusive insight on what type of food would typically be given to a baby. It was stated that their meals would incorporate organic, healthy options, and depend mostly upon the seasonal produce. Since Meghan and Harry are very present in their child's life, it's unclear whether or not they prepare the meals themselves. However, it was reiterated that they typically avoid pre-made food as much as possible, and stick only to things that are fresh.

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