10 Things We’ve Learned About Prince Harry As A Royal Dad

While Prince Harry has always lived his life in the spotlight, this past year it’s been a little bit different. That’s because he’s now a husband to Meghan Markle and a father to the couple’s adorable son, Archie Harrison. Even though Prince Harry has always been a popular figure, people want to know much more about him now that he is a family man.

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Sure, there has been plenty of criticism from royal observers this year but also plenty of support from his fans. With that said, here are ten things that we’ve learned about Prince Harry as a royal dad.

10 He’s Extremely Protective

Sure, Prince Harry has always been a little distant when it comes to the media and the paparazzi, but he was no where near as distant as his older brother, Prince William. Harry’s the more approachable, fun-loving royal brother. However, many fans have noticed that he’s definitely become more protective now that he’s a dad. It shows in his new demeanor and it also shows in his body language. It seems like he walks taller, he walks prouder and he's constantly by his wife's side. Now that's what you call a great husband and an even better family man. Meghan can consider herself a lucky woman.

9 He Admits To His Faults

Prince Harry doesn’t pretend that he’s perfect. He might be a royal, but he’s got his faults just like every other person. After the media attacked him and Meghan Markle for being "faux eco-warriors" for their private jet trips, Harry went on the record to say that he did what was best for his family, according to Britain's The Telegraph. He knows that he’s made mistakes in the past and he’s ready to own up to them. Fatherhood has definitely made Prince Harry into a bigger man and it shows, making him a good role model to his son, Archie Harrison.

8 Learning From Past Mistakes

As many royal observers know, both Prince Harry and Prince William have done their best to guard their families and their relationships, especially after the death of their mother Princess Diana. That’s because both men don’t want to repeat the mistakes that were made in the past. As much as the media is trying to rip his wife Meghan, it seems that Prince Harry won’t stand for it. We're confident that all of the headlines have just made them closer as a couple.

7 Archie’s Birth Was Perhaps The Best Day Of His Life

For anyone who has seen the clips of Prince Harry announcing to the world that his wife Meghan Markle had given birth, they can see the joy and happiness in his face. Let’s face it, Prince Harry was born to be a father and a family man. Archie Harrison’s birth was perhaps one of the best days of his life. Royals fans have never seen him happier and more content. While a lot of things have been said about Meghan, it’s without a doubt that the two truly do love one another and the family that they have built together.

6 Family Matters And What Matters

While things might look great from the outside, from within it’s a whole different story. As a matter of fact, there have been several reports indicating that there’s an alleged feud between the Cambridges and the Sussexes behind the scenes (none of which have been confirmed). Now that he’s a husband and a father, we don't think that Prince Harry is going to let anyone step all over him, including his own brother Prince William. Sure, they might have been once very close but now that they are grown men things are different.

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5 Meghan Comes First Now

There’s no denying that Prince Harry has always been a very loyal member of the British royal family. He’s close to his father, Prince Charles, and he has a very loving relationship with Queen Elizabeth. (Remember the video he made with his granny to help promote the Invictus Games? It was epic.) However, now that Meghan Markle is in the picture, things are different. There’s been a significant shift in his life and he’s made it more than clear that Meghan comes first.

4 Fatherhood Hasn’t Slowed Him Down

A lot of people had assumed now that Prince Harry is a father he would step back a little from his royal duties and his royal engagements. After all, that’s what Prince William did when he married Kate Middleton and the two started their family. But with Harry, that hasn’t been the case at all. Ever since he became a father, Prince Harry doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. He's got work to do and his decisions will not only impact himself but his wife and his son, too.

3 He Doesn’t Want Drama

When you are a royal in the spotlight like Prince Harry, it’s hard to make everyone happy. There are people pointing their fingers at you from all different directions. Prince Harry knows this and that’s why he’s worked especially hard to make sure that there’s no drama in his life. Now that he’s a father, there's a good chance that he wants peace just like so many other dads out there. We can totally see him wanting to come home after his royal engagements and public appearances and just be at home with his family at Frogmore Cottage.

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2 He Thinks About His Mother Princess Diana Often

Prince Harry has stated that he often thinks about his mother Princess Diana and wants to follow in her footsteps now more than ever before. He’s determined to continue on her legacy and work hard on some of the passionate projects that she held close to her heart before her untimely death. Fatherhood has given Prince Harry a new purpose in life. While there’s no doubt that many people have considered (and still consider) Princess Diana to be the people’s princess, Harry is definitely the people’s prince. He’s definitely getting the job done.

1 There Won’t Be A Big Family In Their Future

For anyone who has followed Prince Harry over the years, they know that he’s always been someone who lights up whenever he’s around kids. We’ve seen so many photos and clips of Harry effortlessly playing with young children and babies whenever he’s at one of his public appearances. But with that said, Prince Harry has mentioned that he wants no more than two children. That means little Archie Harrison will possibly only have one sibling to play with in the future. Here’s hoping that the Sussexes get to work on that sooner rather than later! We’d love to see Meghan get pregnant again!

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