Prince William Drops A Hint About The New Prince's Name!

Royal baby name watchers were growing impatient. "Royal Baby 3's" was how he was known, and siblings George and Charlotte's names were announced two days after their births.... but that tradition ended because it was more than two days after his birth that they announced his name.

But proud papa Prince William dropped a few possible hints to the anxious crowd while at the Anzac Day of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday with his brother Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.



"Funny you should say that," Prince William replied after someone in the crowd suggested the little prince’s name could be Alexander.

Then, while speaking with Sir Jerry Mateparae, New Zealand High Commissioner to the U.K., the Dean of Westminster joked that Mateparae would like the name "Jerry" to be considered for the new prince. “Jerry would like it to be Jerry,” the Dean said.

“Jerry’s a strong name," Prince William stated.


Argh! Why so many riddles, Prince William? We just wanted to know what Royal Baby 3's name so that we could stop calling this sweet child Royal Baby 3!

Until the name was officially announced, there were many theories. Ethan and Andrew technically mean "strong." Could England have a Prince Ethan or Prince Andrew among them? Possibly! But if you consulted British oddsmakers, they would have told you that Albert and Arthur were the top two bets with Philip being a runner-up choice. Betting officially ended Wednesday.

Looking at family member's names could have given us an idea as to what Royal Baby 3's name could be. Prince William's full name is William Arthur Philip Louis. George Alexander Louis is Prince George's full name and Prince Louis Alexander was the name of Prince Philip's father and that would be Royal Baby 3's great-great-grandfather. Alexandra is Queen Elizabeth II's middle name.

The new royal baby, born on Monday morning, is fifth in line of succession after Prince Charles, Prince William, his big brother, Prince George and big sister, Princess Charlotte.

Prince Albert? Prince Arthur? Prince Philip? Prince Alexander? Prince Jerry? Prince Ethan? Prince Andrew? Where did you put your money? Our next article will tell you the name!!

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