Prince William & Kate Stop Baby Prince Louis From Sucking His Thumb, Sparking Online Debate

Prince William and Kate Middleton stopped Prince Louis from sucking his thumb at an event this weekend and the internet isn't happy about it.

You don't need us to tell you that the internet can be a dangerous place. Sometimes in less obvious ways for others. When you go to the web for advice, for instance. While helpful, there are a lot of conflicting opinions online. Some of those opinions aren't necessarily rooted in fact, but should they make it onto the right platform, they are soon mistaken for being the truth.

That is particularly tricky when it comes to parenting. Almost all of us will turn to the internet for parenting advice, especially if we are getting to grips with our very first child. Truth be told, again especially with baby number one, we are all learning on the job. We can all go online for advice, but remember that it is just that. It is ultimately up to you how you raise your child.

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That's why the reaction to a parenting decision made by Prince William and Kate Middleton over the weekend has left us somewhat taken aback. The royals appeared with their three children and other members of the royal family for the annual Trooping the Colour, reports Cafe Mom. Since it was little Louis's first royal outing, most fans have been fawning over how adorable he is.

However, that fawning turned to parent-shaming after William and Kate's reaction to Louis's thumb sucking. When the little one's mom realized he is sucking his thumb, she gently stopped him from doing so. Then when he goes back for a second time, it's dad's turn to put a stop to the fun. Many online have questioned why they wouldn't let Louis suck his thumb.

Parents have been reacting to the clip saying that they let their kids suck their thumbs and it never caused them any issues. The general consensus is that it can affect kids' teeth and cause them to become a little wonky, leading them to need braces when they're older. Whether that happens or not, we see no issue with William and Kate not wanting Louis to suck his thumb. That's a parenting decision they have made, but clearly, some fellow parents don't agree with it.


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