This Is Why Princess Beatrice Will Likely Be The Next Royal To Announce A Pregnancy

If 'Princess Beatrice' isn't a name you're familiar with, you have a good reason as she tends to stay out of the spotlight compared to other royals like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Princess Beatrice is Prince Andrew's eldest daughter and Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter. Despite her title, she remains hidden from the media most of the time, occasionally coming out into view. With news of her upcoming wedding with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi being released, Princess Beatrice is making headlines.

Now that there is news that she is getting married, many are speculating on when (and if!) she plans to start a family with her soon-to-be husband. Some people even predict that she will be the next royal to announce a pregnancy.

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As many royals watchers sit back and witness the lives of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle unfold, it seems pretty clear that the two of them are way too busy to be planning more pregnancies. Although rumour has it that Kate is ready for a fourth, it has yet to be confirmed. Meghan, just having had baby Archie a few months past, probably isn't ready for another quite yet either.

One thing about Princess Beatrice that sets her apart from most of the royal family, similar to Princess Diana, is that she is her own person. Princess Beatrice doesn't base her identity on the royals and traditions that date back hundreds of years. She expresses her individuality and doesn't seem too concerned about what other people think.

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In saying that, although her wedding isn't planned for another year or so, it wouldn't be too much of a shock if she walked down the aisle pregnant. Although the royals may frown, sources say that Princess Beatrice has shown that she's anxious to have a baby.

Both she and Edoardo are millionaires so it's no concern that they can financially support a baby even before marriage and it's no secret that their wedding will be beyond the average person's wildest dreams (baby or no baby). Royal watchers should keep an extra close eye on the pair over the next few months as a pregnancy announcement could come sooner than they think.

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