Professional Curler's Newborn Leaves NICU After Mom Dies Due To Complications

Many women believe that giving birth is a magical experience. But the reality is that childbirth isn't all sunshine and rainbows. At the end of the day, it's a medical procedure that can have either minor or serious complications for the mother and/or her baby. The best-case scenario is that you both successfully recover. On the other end of things, the worst-case scenario is either the mother or her newborn baby dying.

In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, the newborn daughter of professional curler Aly Jenkins is leaving the NICU after her mother died from complications of birth. The newborn's father and Aly's widower, Scott Jenkins, used Facebook to keep people updated on baby Sydney's condition during her NICU stay. He's also the one who revealed the news that she's finally on her way home.

"All machines have been removed and now onto demand feeding! We got the word she will be discharged [Tuesday] at 11!!!" he explained in a Facebook post.

via CTV Saskatoon


It was back on Sunday, October 20th when Sydney Jenkins was born into this world. But on the same day, mother Aly passed away during what was supposed to be a happy occasion. The cause of death was amniotic fluid embolism, which happens when amniotic fluid manages to get into the mother's bloodstream during or not long after giving birth. This typically causes the heart and lungs to collapse, and can also result in hemorrhaging and/or impeded blood clotting. An amniotic fluid embolism is a rare birth complication, but- as we can see here- it still happens.

This is truly a tragic story that no family should ever have to go through. No young child should have to live without their mother. But with little Sydney home from the NICU, there's still a little ray of sunshine in this situation. Here's hoping that the Jenkins family will be able to slowly but surely heal together.

Aly Jenkins is survived by her husband Scott and their three children- Brady, Avery, and their newest addition Sydney. Our thoughts are with them in this dark time.

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