New Jersey Program Matches Nurses With Pregnant Women For Greater Prenatal Care

If you are an expectant mother and live in the state of New Jersey, there’s good news. That’s because there’s a new program that will match nurses with pregnant women for greater prenatal care. That means in addition to all of the prenatal checkups with their doctor, moms will now have a nurse that will be able to answer all of their questions and help them out with their needs throughout the course of their pregnancy.

For many mothers-to-be, it’s not always easy landing appointments with their doctors at the right time or keeping them for that matter, especially if they are still working during their pregnancies. Luckily, moms will now have a little more peace of mind knowing that they will have an assigned nurse who will not only make home visitations, but can also offer them the support and care they need at just about any time.

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The Garden state program identifies moms in the early stages of their pregnancy and pairs them with a nurse who will help them through each stage of their journey and even after they deliver their baby. The goal of the program is to help mentor young mothers through their pregnancy milestones until their child is born.

The state’s First Lady Tammy Murphy says that maternal and infant health has always been a key priority for her. She says that one of the reasons why this program is special is because its evidence based. Moms get useful help, information and support, both physically and emotionally speaking. With the help of Senator Teresa Ruiz, together the women introduced a bill that would help expand Medicaid in the state so that every woman who is delivering can have a home visit from a nurse.

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The nurses visit the homes to help with things like breastfeeding or to answer simple questions. According to New Jersey TV Online, Murphy says, “And they’ve had years to look at this and really analyze. And it just makes sense that the more people, the more eyes you have on a woman and child, the better chances you are to have a great outcome.”

Murphy adds that there are also several more initiatives in the pipeline for both the maternal and infant health space in New Jersey, but no additional details are yet available.

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