The Pros And Cons Of Making Your Own Baby Food

When you have a little one you want to be able to provide them the best things such as baby gear, clothes, and food. When it comes to baby food there has been a new trend where moms are now making their own over buying premade baby food.

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But making your own baby food is not for everyone since there are a lot of factors that come into making baby food. So if you are thinking about making your own baby food for your little one then you need to keep reading to discover the pros and cons of making your own.

10 Con: Have To Have The Proper Equipment

Though making baby food can sound easy since you are just pureeing or boiling then pureeing the food. But for you to get the food in a state for your little one to eat it you are going to need a food processor and a high power blender to smooth out the food to get the right consistency.

If you do not own one then going out to buying one is going to cost you and your family a lot of money to get one that can puree the food. Before deciding if you want to make your own baby food see if you already have the equipment to make it.

9 Pro: Quality Ingredients

When a company is making premade baby food they do not care about every single one of their ingredients. This can mean that your baby is getting food that was close to going bad before they added preservatives or food that is not ripe into their baby food.

But when you make your own you will be able to see and examine every piece of food that you are using. This allows you to make sure you are only using fresh and quality ingredients for your little one to have.

8 Con: Not As Convenient

If you are your baby are ones that like to live a busy life full of playdates, park outings or if you just work a full-time job then when making your own baby food might not be for you. Premade baby food is convenient since all you have to do is open a jar for a new meal for them.

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Understandably, you are not going to have all the time in the world to make something that you can easily pick up. And if you are ever in a tight situation when you are out with your baby, you can go into any supermarket and buy a new container of baby food.

7 Pro: Helps Prevent Picky Eaters

When you are making your own baby food for your little one you can make whatever you want for them. This can help your child become less picky of an eater when they grow up. Introducing your baby to a mix of foods for flavor and texture will get them used to eating a large variety of food.

Not only does this help prevent picky eaters this is also a great way to help introduce common table food into their diet before they are old enough to eat solid foods.

6 Con: Storage For It

Before you start making your own premade baby food you want o make sure that you are going to have enough storage for it once you are done preparing it. Remember that homemade baby food cannot sit out on the shelf like store-bought food.

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Homemade baby food is going to need to be stored in the fridge or in the freezer. If your fridge is already full of food, drinks, and condiments you are not going to be able to have any room to store the amount of baby food you are making.

5 Pro: More Options

Have you ever spent time looking at the premade baby food options at the store and notice there is not a lot of variety when it comes to baby food? Making your own baby food can allow your little one to have more options when it comes to mealtime.

Anything that you can puree like melons, fruits, and veggies can be made into baby food for your little one. So stop the cycle of your child online eating mash bananas and peas and make your own baby food for them to experience more food and flavor.

4 Con: Spoils Faster

There is a reason why premade baby food last longer than homemade food. Baby food that you buy at the store is made to be able to sit out on the shelf of the supermarket than at your house. Whereas, homemade baby food is natural and will not last that long sitting in your fridge.

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This is because you do not add preservatives to their food to make it last longer. So if you are not able to make baby food multiple times a week then you might want to stick to buying store-bought.

3 Pro: Saves Money

A wonderful perk of making your own baby food is that you are going to be saving money overall. This is because each time that you have to go to the store to buy individual containers of baby food you are paying for all the work and supplies that went into it for both the supermarket and company that is making it to earn a profit.

But when you make your own all you have to do is pay for the price of the fruits and vegetables to make your baby food. If you are looking to cut costs somewhere, talk to your partner about making your own baby food.

2 Con: Time Consuming

The main reason why people will buy store-bought baby food is because it saves them time. After a long day of work, it is very easy for parents to stop at the store and pick up more baby food then make their own and go through the prep time, cooking time, and clean up time.

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But if you can commit to making fresh baby food twice a week then you should be able to make enough for your little one to last the week. If you end up deciding to spend your time doing something else that is fine too and doesn't make you any less of a parent.

1 Pro: You Know What’s In It

When you are buying premade baby food you do not know exactly what is in it. Sure there is a list of ingredients on it in the back, but you do not truly know how much chemicals they are added to keep is fresh to be able to last on a shelf at the supermarket.

When you make your own baby food at home you know every single thing that is in the food you are feeding your little one and how much of each ingredient you are adding to it.

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