The Pros And Cons To Having An Only Child

Deciding how many children you want to have is an important conversation that you need to have with your partner. Even though children can be such a blessing, not everyone wants to have more than one. Deciding how many kids you want to bring into your life is very unique to each couple.

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Some people know that once a child is right for them, while others might have always dreamed about having a big family. Though we cannot tell you how many kids you should have we can provide information to think about when you are talking to your partner. So keep reading to discover the pros and cons of having one child.

10 Con: They Can Have A Hard Time With Other Kids

This is because they do not have anyone to share with at home so when your little one is with other kids they might know how to share their toys and play with them nicely.

9 Pro: Better Life Balance For You Overall

If you already have one baby then you already know how hard it is to take care of one child. From working, taking care of the house, and spending time with your family, you might already feel overwhelmed.

Well, when you add more children into that mix you are going to have to spread yourself even thinner to make sure everyone is getting the time they need with you. When you only have one child you can balance your life easier knowing you only have one kid to take care of.

8 Con: Parents Can Put To Much Pressure On Them

When you only have one child to raise you might end up putting to much pressure on them without even realizing it. For your baby you are going to want to do everything for them like letting them play sports, getting them involved with scouts, even getting them a tutor to make sure they have high grades.

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And though all of these things you want them to do are filled with good intent this could make your little one feel a lot of pressure since you want them to be able to do it all.

7 Pro: They Will Be Independent

As parents, our goal for our children is to raise them to become independent and be able to take care of themselves one day when they are grown. Independence is something that you need to start teaching your children at a young age.

But when you have only one child your little one is going to become independent even as a baby. They are going to feel comfortable doing things on their own and even spending time just by themselves. So let your child become fearlessly independent by making them an only child.

6 Con: Can Feel Lonely

Loneliness is a strong feeling related to sadness that someone can feel at any age of their lives. This means that even your toddler can start to feel lonely after they go home from daycare and have no one to play with or be around their age.

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There is just something about not having someone around that is close to your age that can make things feel sluggish. Having your little one feel lonely can end up effect them around people, their eating, and overall mood and behavior patterns in general.

5 Pro: Can Give Them More Opportunities

This means your child will have more opportunities to do activities and hobbies they want to do. Also, this means you can take them to more places around the world too since the cost is only for one child.

4 Con: You Might Become Overprotected Of Them

With one child we are going to be able to put all of your time and energy into raising them, and though this may sound like a good thing it can lead to you and your partner becoming too overprotective of them.

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Of course, we are not saying you shouldn’t care about what your child is doing, but you might become to contain about the activities and friends they are with not letting them make their own mistakes and learn from them. If you do decide to have only one child let them make their own mistakes so they can grow as a person.

3 Pro: Lower Cost

Financially deciding to have only one child is better than having more kids. Raising a child is experience starting with the hospital bill from the day they are born to helping them through college, and if you only have one kid then you do not have to worry about all of the final stress that comes with having more kids.

Though having one child is better on your budget it should not be the only factor when deciding who many kids you and your partner should have.

2 Con: Doesn't Always Have Someone To Play With

One of the best reasons why people love to have more than one child is because their kids will always have someone to play with. There is just something magical about kids paying with others around their age since they can use their imagination and create new worlds and adventures that you just can't do with them.

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Also, when you are tired after a long day you do not need to feel guilty about not playing with your child if they have a sibling to play with instead of you.

1 Pro: All Your Attention Can Go To Them

It can feel at times if a mother has too many kids she can feel overwhelmed since she has to divide her attention about all of her little ones and can even feel guilty for not giving her kids each enough attention.

But when you only have one child all of your attention goes to them. Whether they are feeling sad, want someone to play with, or have someone be there for them for any school event, you only have to focus on one child. This certainly makes your little one feel loved and special.

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