Pros & Cons Of Sharing Baby Milestones On Social Media

Today’s parents face a new problem that generations before us have never had to go through. Parents in today's world must decide if they are going to be sharing their baby’s milestones on their social media accounts. Many parents share these huge moments in their kid's life on Instagram or Facebook to share with their friends and family. Then there are other parents who don't like posting any photos of their children at all on their accounts.

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When it comes to deciding what's best for you and your family to share online, neither parenting style is correct or incorrect. Sometimes, you want to hear the pros and cons of each side. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons when it comes to sharing your baby’s milestone on your social media.

10 Pro: Connect With Other Parents

When you post milestones of your baby on your social media accounts, that will make it easier for you to connect with other parents who have gone through or are going through what you are experiencing. For example, you might be sharing a picture of your baby chewing on something because they are teething and other parents can comment on the picture what they did and tell you any tips you can use to help with your baby's pain.

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So if you are looking for a great way to connect to other parents, try posting on social media.

9 Con: Tendency Towards The Superficial

Sometimes when people post on their social media accounts a lot, they can get caught up in the superficial aspect of it. It's easy to care too much about likes and comments. Even if you just post a cute picture of your kids you should not feel like the number of likes that the picture gets has anything to do with your self-worth.

You need to remember that you are just trying to share your life and that social media is not a competition. If you feel that it's important to get a lot of likes on a picture, it might not be best for you to be sharing photos and milestones of your kids.

8 Pro: A Memory Keeper

If you are known for sharing pictures and milestones of your kids on social media, then it might be the perfect way for you to use your account as a memory keeper. You know that all of the big moments are on your profile and can you can easily go through and find the one you are thinking about.

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Facebook also has an amazing feature that will find old pictures you uploaded so you can be reminded of those memories. Enjoy looking back at the times your kids were little with Facebook TimeHop.

7 Con: Stalking

One of the worst things that could happen to you and a family member is getting stalked by someone. By posting pictures of your kids and you on your social media, especially if you have a public profile, anyone could look at your pictures.

No mother ever wants to be in this position, and you might be concerned about the safety aspect of sharing tons of photos of your kids. Try your best to prevent anything like this happening and make sure you think before you post by checking your account settings.

6 Pro: Create Conversations

When a parent shares a milestone of their baby on social media, you are instantly able to create hundreds of conversations sparked by that picture. Some comments can be from former coworkers happy to see you are doing well, old college friends, or even distant family members. They can all quickly write something about the post to remind you that they care and are happy to see your family grow!

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Make it easy to have conversations with long-distance friends easier by posting your child’s milestones on your social media accounts.

5 Con: Negative Comments

Sharing a picture and milestone of your baby on social media can seem like a great thing at the time. But sometimes, not everyone is as receptive to this idea as you are.

This could mean that not everyone who comments on your post is going to have something positive to say. Some people are not going to agree with your parenting style no matter what it is just because everyone is different. If you would rather that other parents didn't share their opinions with you, then you might want to rethink posting about your baby’s milestones.

4 Pro: A Way To Save Pictures

Today, we live in a digital world, and we have smart digital phones to take digital pictures to post on digital accounts. Since parents are able to take tons of pictures of their kids and post them online, it's less likely that you're going to take the time to physically print out the photos.

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By posting milestones and pictures of your little one, you're documenting and keeping all of their baby pictures in an online photo album of their growth and development. Get in on this digital age, and ditch the old thick baby albums and use your social media accounts for easy access!

3 Con: Comparison

As humans, we can sometimes feel like we're not doing enough or keeping up with what others are doing. When you post regularly on social media, you might end up comparing you and your baby to other moms who you're friends with.

You could become caught up in your thoughts, why your baby is developing at a different rate as someone else. It can be easy to forget the fact that everyone is unique and different. So if you are known for comparing yourself to other people, it might not be best for you to post milestones of your baby online.

2 Pro: Easy To Connect To Family

Many times when you grow up and go off to college, you find a partner that lives in a different state than you were raised in. In those cases, you'll move away from your family and start a new life in a different state. But thanks to technology, staying in touch with people is easier than it has ever been before.

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When you share pictures of your kids online to your social media accounts, your family can instantly see what your baby learned or did that day, even moments after it happened. Keep your family close and updated even if they live far away and share milestones on your accounts.

1 Con: Kids Don’t Have A Say

One of the biggest reasons why several parents are against posting pictures and milestones of their baby on their social media accounts is because of consent. At that age, kids do not have a say in what you do with their pictures and as they grow up they might resent the fact that you shared what they might consider embarrassing photos of them that they don’t want people seeing.

So play it safe and take your kids into consideration by not posting pictures of them on your social media accounts you have!

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