Pros And Cons Of Finding Out Your Baby's Sex

There are many milestones a woman can expect when she is pregnant. From going to the first ultrasound to feeling your baby kick there are hundred of magical moments. One of these milestones is finding out the sex of your baby. But now many people are deciding not to find out the sex and waiting until the delivery to see if the baby is a boy or a girl. There can be many reasons why a person does not want to find out and all of them are valid. So keep reading to discover the pros and cons of finding out your baby’s sex.

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10 Con: Won’t Stay In The Moment

One of the funniest things that people do once they find out about what the sex of their baby is that they start picturing their child's life. Though there is nothing wrong with wishing that your child is going to be healthy and happy, some parents take it to the next level. They start thinking about what after school activities they will do, what kind of person they will date, where they will go to school and so on. Stay focused in the moment of your pregnancy and don’t find out the baby’s sex.

9 Pro: There Is A Peace In Knowing

When you are expecting there are millions of thoughts that can be constantly going through your mind. You might be thinking about the birth, nursery, or the next doctor's appointment you have. When you find out your baby’s sex you can let that part of your brain release when it comes to wondering what the sex is. Now you can focus on other important things that relate to your little one then being stuck wondering if you need to paint the nursery pink or blue.

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8 Con: Stories From Friends And Family

Family and friends tend to be very supportive when they find out a person they love is expecting a baby. But there are many times that their enthusiasm can lead to them sharing stories about their experience raising a child. Sure many of the stories can be lighthearted, but sometimes they can make your worry. These stories are about their kids causing trouble of having trouble with friends. Many of these stories are sex-related to boys wanting to date their daughter or their sons trying to get into fights.

7 Pro: It Can Make You Feel More Real

Hearing the words that you are pregnant can feel very surreal at times since it is hard to imagine that you are now carrying a new life within you. You are not the only one when it comes to feeling this way since many mothers can be shocked even if they were trying to have a baby. A great way to make the pregnancy feel more real for you and your partner is finding out the sex of the baby. This can help you both start picturing what they are going to look like and how they are going to act when they get older.

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6 Con: No Surprise After Labor

In life, there are little surprises. During the pregnancy one of the best surprises, you can experience is finding out the sex of your baby. But you need to remember that you are going to have to deliver this baby and there is a chance that your labor can be long. After all of that time you spend in the hospital, waiting to meet your baby the best thing you can hear is what sex they are. So don’t find out right away, instead wait until you meet them to see and hear the best surprise of them all.

5 Pro: You Feel More Connected

As a mother-to-be, you might feel connected already to your child since they are growing inside of you. But your partner is most likely having a hard time connecting since they do not experience the symptoms of pregnancy that you do. When you found out your little one's sex this can make it easier for you to connect with your child before they are born. This is also a great way for your partner to feel closer to their baby, making them appreciate you and them even more.

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4 Con: Society's Expectations Start Right Away

Every day society seems to get more progressive, but there are still many ways that we act like we did a hundred years ago. When you find out your baby’s sex than people, including you and your partner, start thinking of what they are going to be like. You might find out that you are having a boy and your partner wants them to be in every sports team they were in growing up. If you are expecting a girl then you might start wondering if she will be interested in dance or cheerleader.

3 Pro: When People Ask You Can Tell Them

There are two questions that people constantly ask pregnant women: when are you due and what is the sex? These two questions are the ones that people want to know so they can be prepared. They will know when you are due and what to get you and your little one at a baby shower and for a birth gift. When you find out the sex of your baby you can tell them right away and not have to answer a lot of follow up questions about why you did not find out.

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2 Con: Ultrasounds Are Not 100%

Using an ultrasound and looking at the image on the screen is how doctors predict what sex a woman’s baby is. TheBump.com has reported that ultrasounds are not 100% accurate and there is a 5% chance they could be wrong. Even though that is a high percent to get right if you heard the sex of your baby and started planning out everything like the name and nursery you would be very shocked to find out that the doctor was wrong. So just remember no matter what they tell you there is still a chance there is a 5% chance they are wrong.

1 Pro: Easier To Pick Out Clothes

One of the best parts of picking out items for your baby is shopping for clothes. There are hundreds of adorable clothes out there for your little one. From tiny socks, to decorate onesies, and of course adorable little hats, cloth shopping for a baby is always fun. But when you do not know the sex of your baby then your options are going to be limited. Of course, there are gender-neutral clothing options for you to purchase, but it is so much fun when you know what sex you are shopping for.

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