Protestors Sing 'Baby Shark' To Soothe Scared Toddler In Lebanon

Elaine Jabbour was shocked to hear protesters help her soothe her frightened baby while they were demonstrating. The Baby Shark song that’s forever stuck in our heads has met another purpose: comforting frightened children during intense protests. The event isn’t the happiest time to sing the song, but it turns out, it was just what everyone needed.

Jabbour was driving through the streets when she suddenly found herself in the middle of a crowd of protesters last Saturday night. Her son, who was in the passenger seat, began to be startled by all the commotion. She was concerned the chaos would traumatize her 15-month-old son, so she rolled down her window to tell them not to be too loud. However, she was proven otherwise.

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Protestors saw the baby boy in the car, and they felt the same way as his mother. Instead of continuing their demonstration, they surrounded the car and began to sing to the baby. They all sang the baby shark song together, and some even enthusiastically danced the iconic dance. Protestors nearer the baby’s window made sure they made eye contact with him to ensure him that they’re all friendly.

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For context, protests have been happening all throughout the country. Citizens are demonstrating against Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his corrupt regime. They organized to protest after a tax was announced on social media apps. However, the extra money demanded was just the trigger; issues have been arising in the country, and this was just the tipping point. Poor governance has brought trash piled up in streets, a horrible economy, and shortages in wheat and gas.

In this turbulent time, news like this is always amazing to hear. The baby boy didn’t laugh or get excited, but at least he didn’t get scared. He was shocked to see so many people singing to him, but he didn’t seem to be afraid. It must have looked strange to see so many adults outside your window singing you the baby shark song. This shows that the people can protest and revolt without causing harm to innocent bystanders. They can demonstrate and demand for change while remaining happy.

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