Queen Latifah & Fiancée Eboni Nichols Attend VMAs As New Moms

At the MTV VMA's award show, Queen Latifah and her fiance were seen rocking out to Lizz0 on their mom nights out!

Queen Latifah has always wanted to start a family but she always wanted to wait until the perfect time to be able to have a family. She said that she didn't want to have a family until she was settled down and ready to take care of a baby. She admitted back in 2017 that she had to get a lot of partying out of her system early and that "now she is ready." She was ready to be get married, and become a mother now that she is out of the partying stage of her life.

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Latifah met her fiancee Eboni Nichols, a former Lakers cheerleader back in 2009. They met when they were both on Dancing With the Stars. Sources have said that they have been together and inseparable since 2013 and they have certainly been devoted ever since. The couple had their secret baby about a year and a half ago and they have not mentioned anything about the child ever since. We all know that they have a baby, but they aren't very public about the baby. They don't mention anything about the baby and they don't share pictures or information. They have been very secretive about their lives as mothers.

Latifah and Nichols were able to have a mom's night out when they were able to attend the MTV VMA's together on August 26. The couple showed up separately though. Latifah made a great appearance to the MTV award show by showing up riding in on her motorcycle. She was wearing a fabulous orange jumpsuit as she walked down the red carpet. Latifah then went and sat next to Nichols in the stands. The couple was shown dancing and rocking out to the Lizzo performance. A source said that Latifah is so full of life now and that Eboni and the baby have given her something to live for and have brought her so much happiness.

The couple looked so very happy while dancing in the audience! They looked like they have really enjoyed being together and motherhood looks so good on them! We are so happy that Latifah is so happy because we love her so much and we are so glad that she has found happiness in her relationship and their new baby. Although we would love to see a million pictures of their beautiful baby we totally understand their desire to keep their precious baby out of the public eye.

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