Lesbian Couple With Fertility Problems Both End Up Getting Pregnant

In a twist of events, a lesbian couple with fertility issues got pregnant at the same time. But things, unfortunately, didn’t go as planned.

Dese’Rae Stage and Felicidad Garcia, who were married in 2015, started their fertility journey two years ago. However, what they thought was going to be a simple process turned into something tragic.

“We had no idea our bodies were going to sabotage us,” Des explained to Huffington Post.

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Early on into the process, the wives were told Felicidad only had a 5 percent chance of conceiving, as her AMH hormone levels were too low. They also told Des that she couldn’t afford to wait too long to conceive because of her climbing age (she was thirty-four at the time).

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Thinking it would take them a while to conceive, they began fertility treatments at the same time.

In fact, both women got pregnant right after beginning IVF. Felicidad went on to deliver their son first. However, shortly after the birth of their son, August, Des had a heartbreaking miscarriage- only a week and a half afterwards, to be exact.

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To make matters worse, Fel had an extremely complicated pregnancy that almost took her life. “Fel had a really traumatic birth,” Des explained of her partner. “She got a blood infection that almost killed her, and she had to heal [with] her C-section wound completely open for two months.”

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Between grieving their loss and keeping up with the constant care Felicidad needed post-birth, the women say it was a chaotic and emotionally trying time their lives.

“There would be moments when [the pregnancy loss] would pop up and we would grieve, but I was basically in a fever dream,” Fel explained. “I had a nurse coming daily to treat my C-section wound. I required such intense care, and obviously the baby required a lot of care. It was just ... crazy.”

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However, Des explains that she didn’t let the difficult experience deter her from trying to get pregnant again.

“I did start questioning, “Do I need to carry? Do I need to have a biological child?” There was a lot of grappling with that,” she explained. “But eventually, I was like I’m going to try one last round of IVF because I will be mad with myself if I don’t.”

She revealed that she got pregnant when their son August was only six months old. But due to the trauma from her first pregnancy, Des revealed she experienced depression and even suicidal thoughts during her second pregnancy. Eventually, however, the mom gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Theodora.

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