10 Quirky Baby Names Inspired By Pop Culture

Looking for the perfect baby name doesn’t have to be a struggle. Expecting parents who love pop culture have so much to choose from. Inspiration can be found in movies, television, literature, and celebrity culture. The possibilities are endless and we’ve taken the guesswork out to create a collection of monikers that are sure to please the trendiest of parents.

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From reality stars to the royal family, these names are fresh and current. We’ve drawn from popular television shows, our favorite movies, and celeb baby names. Please enjoy this lot of 10 quirky baby names inspired by pop culture.

10 Millie

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Season 3 of  Stranger Things took over the world this summer and Eleven is one of the most popular characters on the show. Of course, that would be an outlandish name for a little girl. If you’re hoping to give your daughter a name that gives a wink to the show then you could name her after the actress who plays Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie is an English name that means strong in work. It’s also a nickname for the much more formal moniker, Mildred. We think that this one is super cute and would be perfect for a spunky kid.

9 Archie

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, made headlines when they announced the name of their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Parents who love the Royal family might want to consider naming their little boy Archie. It’s a name that’s fit for a little prince and one that on the rise.

Archie is a German name that means truly brave. It’s also gained quite a bit of popularity recently from the character Archie in the hit television show, Riverdale. This moniker checks several boxes to put it in the running for becoming a pop culture icon.

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8 Piper

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Many parents look for inspiration in the most unlikely places when it comes to picking out baby names. One might not think that a show about life in a women’s prison would be an appropriate place to draw from but we did just that with the next name on this list.

Inspired by the Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, Piper is the name of the main character and is just too adorable to overlook. It’s an English name that means flute player. Musical, cheerful, and unique, Piper is one of those names that you don't hear every day.

7 Dixon

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Another series that has taken the world by storm is The Walking Dead. Fans of the show might want to give their son a name that pays homage to one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse, Daryl Dixon. This moniker is so distinctive and cool.

Dixon is a Scottish name that means son of Dick. We love that it has the letter “X” in the middle, which is on-trend these days. This name hasn’t seen much action on the charts but that just means that it’s ahead of the curve. Your son will stand out from the rest with a name like Dixon.

6 Ariana

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We couldn’t have a list dedicated to pop culture and not include the name Ariana. Inspired by the singer Ariana Grande, this one is so lovely and beautiful. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing her belting out one of her songs these days. Her face is often plastered on the cover of various tabloids.

Ariana is an Italian name that means most holy. It found a place on the charts in the 1970s and saw a surge in 2014 thanks to the pop princess. A cute nickname for this one would be Ari, which feels so ethereal and dreamy.

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5 Brody

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Fans of the reality show The Hills might recognize the next name on our list. Thanks to the reboot and summer release of The Hills: New Beginnings, this one is on our radar screen in a big way. Inspired by the handsome star, Brody Jenner, we just love how dashing it sounds.

Brody is an English name that means broad eye or broad island. This one saw a huge spike on the charts in 2008 but hasn’t been a favorite as of late. Although, that means that it’s just waiting for you to claim it for your son.

4 Stormi

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If you watch the television show Keeping Up With the Kardashians then you already know all about this cute moniker. Stormi is the name that Kylie Jenner gave to her daughter with Travis Scott. We’re crazy about this one because we love the spelling, which is much cuter than the more common version, Stormy.

It’s gained some traction on the charts, thanks to Stormi’s famous mom and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Out of all the names the Kadrsashians have picked out for their babies, this one seems pretty tame. It’s distinctive without sounding too “out there”.

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3 Quill


Only the most hardcore Marvel fan would pick this next name for their son. Inspired by the character Peter Quill from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Quill would be an awesome name for a little boy.

Chris Pratt plays the character of Star-Lord and we think he’d be a great role model for any kid to be named after. Quill is an Irish name that means scribe. This is one moniker that you won’t hear repeated often at preschool. Your son will feel like quite the superhero with a name as strong as this one.

2 Lizzo

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If you’re a hip hop fan and want to give your daughter a name that pops, then you’ll love the name Lizzo. Inspired by the rapper and musician of the same name, Lizzo has had a huge summer with her chart-topping song, "Truth Hurts".

This one is the sassier version of Elizabeth, which is a Hebrew name that means pledged to God. We love this nickname as a first name and think that a little girl named Lizzo would steal the stage, for sure. It hasn’t even found a place on the charts yet so it is ripe for the picking.

1 Saint

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West picked a spiritual name for their first son and named him Saint. Religious parents will be attracted to this one, despite the fact that it gained traction on a reality show. As a matter of fact, the name Saint soared on the charts after the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star claimed it.

We think that it would make a divine title for any little boy. It’s a “word name” which is trendy these days. It might be the perfect option for your son as well. Be sure to add Saint to your list of pop culture-inspired names.

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