Rachel Bloom Uses Emmy Win To Announce She's Pregnant With Her First Child

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' star and co-creator Rachel Bloom, 32, is expecting her first child with husband Dan Gregor.

Saturday night was a big night for actress, singer, songwriter, Emmy-winner and now mother-to-be, who just announced that she is pregnant for the very first time!

This weekend, Bloom won the Emmy for 'Best Original Music and Lyrics' along with her co-writers Adam Schlesinger and Jack Dolgen at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards and according to People, after she went backstage, still flushed with pure excitement and clutching her statuette, she was asked what she planned to do next.


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WE WON AN EMMY!!!!!!! also btw I’m pregnant

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She told the press that she actually has an aptly-named tour called 'What Am I Going To Do with My Life Now?' based on the question reporters ask her most often. The actress added that she would like to "hopefully write more Emmy-winning songs" too. She sweetly added, "And also I'm pregnant! So that's what's next for me."

People reported that the room applauded for the actress who is three months pregnant at this time. Bloom said that she was originally going to announce her pregnancy on Instagram but then thought better of it and decided that she "might as well do it at an Emmy press conference.”

Bloom and her husband, Gregor have been married since 2015. The pair have worked together on 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' and Gregor has previously written for 'How I Met Your Mother.'

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My husband takes great pictures

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Bloom's due date will be sometime in the spring of 2020 which is perfect for someone named Bloom! Speaking of names, we've got some of our own suggestions should Bloom and Gregor ever get stumped on monikers... not that we suspect that someone who just won a Creative Arts Emmy as a writer for a hit show would but here goes anyway.

Seeing as both Bloom and Gregor are Jewish, (this writer has personally heard Bloom refer to Gregor as her "Jewish prince" at a concert... aww!) they may wish to name their child a traditional Jewish name. We've taken the liberty of researching some Jewish names which have springtime meanings. There's Dalia which means branch, Kalanit which means anemone, Nurit meaning buttercup, Sigal meaning violet and Shoshana which means rose or lily. For boys, we've got Lachie which means land filled with lakes or Aiken which refers to oak trees. There's also Ari which means lion or Radley which means red forest or meadow. Radley Gregor - that sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it?

But maybe they prefer more trendy-sounding and modern names. There's Denver which means green valley. For girls, the options are seemingly limitless. Clover, Willow, Kelby, Lily, Eden, Sunny, Rose and the list goes on. We're pretty sure that this cute couple doesn't need our help but it is fun. What names would you suggest for them?

Congratulations to the happy couple! We can safely say that this is one child who will never lack for being entertained by Mom and Dad. We can't wait to see this family grow.

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