This Rainbow Baby Photoshoot Helps Moms Who've Suffered Similar Losses

In a creative and unique way of celebrating a new baby while remembering one lost, new mom, Kacey McComas, and photographer, Stephanie Capps, worked together to create a memorable picture that encompasses both babies. The project is said to be an uplift from experiencing the tragic loss of losing a baby and will hopefully help in the grieving process for moms, dads, and other family members as well.

In using a rainbow ink pad found on Amazon to colour the bottom of the newborn's feet before transferring the prints to paper, McComas and Capps created an image that truly shows the calm after the storm. By making rainbow prints, instead of the traditional black ink ones, the pair were able to commemorate the baby that McComas had lost before delivering her newest. McComas's main message to others that she hopes is translating through the idea is: "You are not alone."

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Photographer, Stephanie Capps, who owns Sacred Spaces Birth Support & Photography, has dealt with grief shoots before and tries to meet the families where they are at in their own stages of grief. It was McComas who had come to her with the idea of doing a rainbow baby feet shoot and Capps was completely on board with the idea from the get-go.

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McComas had experienced the loss of her daughter, Phoenix, at 15-weeks pregnant but was unaware she had passed until she delivered her stillborn at 21-weeks. The cause, even after genetic testing, remains a mystery. What doesn't remain a mystery, however, is how intense that loss had struck her.

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Never even hearing the term 'rainbow baby' until after she had lost Phoenix, McComas was overwhelmed at the news she was expecting once again. McComas knew she had to do something to honour Phoenix's short life in addition to celebrating her new baby boy, Ezra, as well. After some research, the idea of rainbow footprints dawned on her.

Soon after baby Ezra's birth, Capps captured the heartwarming moment of having his footprints stamped in an array of colours. McComas and Capps hope that in sharing the photos, it will bring awareness to infant loss and show other mothers and family members that they are not alone and that intense grief isn't permanent.

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