10 Cutest Rainbow Baby Photoshoots

Losing a baby is every parent's worst nightmare. While it may be one of the most difficult experiences parents face, there is hope after the storm. The term “rainbow baby” refers to the birth of a baby following a miscarriage or stillbirth. This term brings joy to a devastating situation, while encouraging parents to share their experiences.

Some parents chose to share through bright-colored photoshoots as they celebrate their little “rainbow baby” in remembrance of the baby before. These families welcomed their rainbow babies with joy-filled photoshoots that are sweet enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye. Some are simple, others are vibrant and colorful, but they're all breathtaking and filled with emotion.

We found 10 gorgeous rainbow photoshoots that are guaranteed to leave you in awe of each family's strength as they braved the storm before welcoming their ray of light.

10 Butterfly Baby

While every rainbow baby photoshoot is adorable and love-filled, we particularly appreciate the photographer’s use of flowers in this shoot. The photographer opted to use a floral arrangement in the shape of a butterfly as they captured the essence of the term “rainbow baby.”

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Not only is this arrangement cute and tactful, but also filled with joy and peace as the family celebrates their little one. This is one photo the baby in question can keep and reminisce over for the rest of her life!

9 Raining Rainbows

We love how it's raining rainbow hearts over this sweet sleeping baby! Having a rainbow baby photoshoot is a great way to welcome their new bundle of joy while remembering the baby before, and we especially like how this shoot turned out.

The photographer incorporated rainbow colors in a very delicate way that isn't overused. It's a fresh take on a rainbow-themed photoshoot, which captures the peace and joy this family is probably feeling as they welcome their new baby.

8 Surrounded By Love

Talk about the perfect little bundle! This shoot incorporated a soft place for baby to nap as she had her photo taken. It appears as if the baby is sleeping soundly in a "cloud" as she is surrounded by cloth flowers.

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Of course, the flowers are arranged in a rainbow as the baby is obviously surrounded by love. These photoshoots are an affection-filled way for parents to share both their grief and joy with family and friends as the taboo of talking about miscarriage and stillbirth continues to decline.

7 All Wrapped Up

This newborn was snug as a bug during his rainbow baby photoshoot. The photographer and family opted to keep things simple as they wrapped the baby boy in a blue swaddle and gave him delicate butterfly wings.

The rainbow clothes may be simple, but this photo packs a powerful feeling as the little boy represents renewed hope for his parents. We love this sweet shot!

6 Crochet Cuteness

Not only did this little babe have a photoshoot to celebrate his birth, but he also wore handmade items crocheted especially for him. His colorful crochet hat and heart add color to this simple shoot, forming a sweet rainbow around his face.

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We appreciate how straightforward this shoot was as it kept the focus on the baby. It seems we aren't the only ones who love this photoshoot, as the poster said they are in "awe" of the finished photos.

5 Rockabye Baby

This creative shoot incorporated a rainbow in the perfect way! Of course, newborns are known for their ability to sleep anywhere and that includes during their first photoshoots. This little one snuggled up under an overarching rainbow, and it turned out so cute.

4 Little Cloud

This little angel looks so sweet as she snoozes during her photoshoot. Creating a trailing rainbow effect was perfect as the colorful background keeps the emphasis on the new baby.

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For her second shot, the baby was photographed six months later as the family documented her milestones, and it's so adorable! Her little headband adds just the right touch of color as this sleek photoshoot celebrated both her birth and progress months later. Such a fun and creative idea for a rainbow photoshoot.

3 Snug As A Bug

What an artistic shot! The baby does look oh-so-cozy during this darling nap time under a wool rainbow blanket. It's so fun to see how each family honors their rainbow baby and the baby they sadly lost in each photoshoot as individuality shines.

It's also amazing to see how strong parents of rainbow babies are as they publicly acknowledge their pain while celebrating their new baby.

2 Rainbow Everything

This family did not hold back when it came to embracing the term "rainbow baby," and we're here for it. A simple pink tutu adorns this sleeping princess as she naps comfortably on what appears to be the softest rainbow-colored blanket ever.

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While some shoots emphasize simplicity, this one went for a dramatic color-packed photo that really highlights the family's joy in welcoming their rainbow baby. While the photo does represent a joyous time, the deeper meaning is not lost as it also honors the memories of a family braving a storm.

1 Sleeping Soundly

This charming photo features yet another darling sleeping newborn. This time, the rainbow baby delicately holds a cloth rainbow while wearing a colorful flower headband.

The light-colored bedding and outfit help accentuate the rainbow colors as the photographer says she feels humbled to be a part of this family's lives. We're sure emotions run high during these photoshoots, but the outcomes are simply gorgeous and so heart-filled.

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